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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, My app is very image intensive and I have the user sometimes upload images to CB the normal way (in a File type field from a Submission form) and sometimes the image path/url will come from an S3 Bucket and be stored in a Text255 field. The goal is to have all image paths stored in a single field, whether uploaded by the user to CB or brought from an S3 bucket, and then use that field's file path to display images (because I often copy records and a FileType field cannot be copied without a special trigger set up by Caspio's DevOps, so I use a Text255 field for the image path). I can get the CB image path from the File Type field into a Text255 path, along with the S3 image paths (via formula). So that's done and I now have a single field with image file paths from either CB Upload or S3. The issue is displaying them: S3 images are fine but I can't get the images in CB to display. Neither <img src="[@field:Image_Text255_Field!]"/> or <img src="[@field:Image_Text255_Field/]"/> works if the image is stored in the CB account. Is there a way to reference images in CB from a text255 field to display them? I'd thought it would work the same as referencing a S3 image because it's just a file path and the image in CB is obviously available. Thanks for any help on this--
  2. Hi! There is a Tabular report with a comment field (Text64000). I want to add a "Copy Text" button, that on click will copy text from the comment field to the Clipboard, so a customer can copy the text without highlighting and copying. Just one click action to copy. I have found some solution, but it does not look like working in the reports: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_copy_clipboard.asp Has anybody done it before or maybe you have some working solution? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm creating an event management system and I need to be able to have our administrators make copies of events (not recurring, just duplicate the record in the events table - with a new unique ID of course). Does anyone know of a way I can insert a copy button as a link in a Tabular datapage or a Single Record Update datapage? Thanks so much! Clint
  4. Maybe the description of the problem is not what it should be but let me describe my problem. I want to add products to an order. I have an order table with customer_ID, product_ID , Quantity, Unit_Price fields I also have a product table with Product_ID, Product_Description, Unit_Price , and Stock_Quantity When I enter a Product_ID (combobox) in my order tabel I want to copy the Unit_Price from the product table into the Unit_Price field in the order table. What is the best way to do this ? Thanx
  5. Please Help!!!! I need to insert a button into a form that when clicked will copy data from one field to another field in the same form. Here is what I have: <script> function onSubmitClick() { "SUB_OD_CYL" = "SUB_OD_SPH" } </script><button onclick="onSubmitClick(); return false">Click Me</button> The field names are : SUB_OD_SPH I want to copy the value entered into this field and place the same value in the field - SUB_OD_CYL I'm sure I'm missing things in the script but I cannot find any clear direction - please help!!!
  6. Does anyone know the adjustment for this code to work? I'm trying to copy the value of a Virtual field (drop down) to a regular text field, on a button's click. Here's the code I'm working with: <div style="text-align: center;"> <input class= "cb_custom_btn" type="submit" onclick="myfunction()" value="Submit" /> <script> function myfunction() { var virtualval = document.getElementByID("cbParamVirtual4").value; document.getElementByID("InsertRecordMyFieldName").value = virtualval; } </script> </div> I'd also tried the ElementsByName with [0] for cascading values but that doesn't work either.. What's weird is I've used code similar to this for the same purpose with no problem so I must be missing some minute detail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to copy an image field from one table to another in a Submission form? I'm using Cascading Text to grab values from fields from a table (based on an ID identifier for the record) and put them into the fields for another table on a Submission form but cannot get the image field to do this. Some kind of workaround would be really great.
  8. Hi Hope someone can help me out here with my javascript problem. I have a submission form (which is multi-step form, 2nd page of a form which is now a update form) which is collecting information like project type, project name, description. It is cascading from project type -> project name -> description Because I can't do a cascading text area for "description". I have created a virtual text field for this value hoping to copy this into the "description" text area. I am having no luck with javscript which I have modify from what i found on this forum. Can someone please help me? This is what I have came up with. <script type="text/javascript"> // Caspio form elements var description = document.getElementById('EditRecordDescription'); var temp_description = getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual1")[0].value; var caspioForm = document.getElementById('caspioform'); // Event handler var Copy = function () { // TODO: assign value to description field description.innerHTML = temp_description; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onload= Copy; </script>
  9. I'm trying to use an html link (in a Virtual Field set to Display Html) with id k_suppliermark to start a function to copy a virtual field's (cascading text) value to a stored field in a Submission form. I've tried a few ways based on things I've found in the forums but cannot get it to work. It should be simple, I would think... The stored field is 'Markup' with is set to be a Cascading Text field (editable) and the virtual field is Virtual8. The 'Markup' value can come from 3 places: the cascading parent table's value, or the Virtual8, or the user can type it in. I need each of these to work. Currently the Virtual8 is the only one that doesn't work. Can anyone see what I've gotten wrong here? The below code is in an html block at the bottom of the submission form. <script> $("#k_suppliermark").click(function CopyVirtual() { document.getElementById('InsertRecordMarkup').value=document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual8").value }) </script>
  10. we save Attachments from front end control 'Attachment" which is save in Attachments column datatype is File ,now we want to create a copy of the same Attachment .
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