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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, My app is very image intensive and I have the user sometimes upload images to CB the normal way (in a File type field from a Submission form) and sometimes the image path/url will come from an S3 Bucket and be stored in a Text255 field. The goal is to have all image paths stored in a single field, whether uploaded by the user to CB or brought from an S3 bucket, and then use that field's file path to display images (because I often copy records and a FileType field cannot be copied without a special trigger set up by Caspio's DevOps, so I use a Text255 field for the image path). I
  2. I'm creating an event management system and I need to be able to have our administrators make copies of events (not recurring, just duplicate the record in the events table - with a new unique ID of course). Does anyone know of a way I can insert a copy button as a link in a Tabular datapage or a Single Record Update datapage? Thanks so much! Clint
  3. Maybe the description of the problem is not what it should be but let me describe my problem. I want to add products to an order. I have an order table with customer_ID, product_ID , Quantity, Unit_Price fields I also have a product table with Product_ID, Product_Description, Unit_Price , and Stock_Quantity When I enter a Product_ID (combobox) in my order tabel I want to copy the Unit_Price from the product table into the Unit_Price field in the order table. What is the best way to do this ? Thanx
  4. Hi! There is a Tabular report with a comment field (Text64000). I want to add a "Copy Text" button, that on click will copy text from the comment field to the Clipboard, so a customer can copy the text without highlighting and copying. Just one click action to copy. I have found some solution, but it does not look like working in the reports: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_copy_clipboard.asp Has anybody done it before or maybe you have some working solution? Thanks in advance.
  5. Please Help!!!! I need to insert a button into a form that when clicked will copy data from one field to another field in the same form. Here is what I have: <script> function onSubmitClick() { "SUB_OD_CYL" = "SUB_OD_SPH" } </script><button onclick="onSubmitClick(); return false">Click Me</button> The field names are : SUB_OD_SPH I want to copy the value entered into this field and place the same value in the field - SUB_OD_CYL I'm sure I'm missing things in the script but I cannot find any clear direction - please
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