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Found 2 results

  1. I need to be able to calculate a date, created by a formula, which is prior to whatever the current date is. That sounds easy but I cannot figure out how to do it in my specific situation. Because I needed to determine a date that was 2 weeks after a date entered based on two different scenarios I created this formula in my data table: CASE WHEN [@field:Brand_Received] = 'Brand 1' THEN Dateadd(day, 14, [@field:Date_1]) WHEN [@field:Brand_Received] = 'Brand 2' THEN Dateadd(day, 14, [@field:Date_2]) END It works well to give me the date that is two weeks after the specific date given, based on unique requirements. However, now I need to create a field that checks to see if the new Formula Date is before whatever the current date is. I have not been able to get a result for this. Caspio does not allow me to use results from one formula field as variable in another formula field. And I have not been able to figure out just yet how to combine all the variables I need to produce a valid formula. Any thoughts?
  2. I use some script to get the user computer's date and enter it into a text field as a TimeStamp. I have it go into a text field and not a date field because I use that value to concatenate with other text fields for display purposes. I also use the script below so I can get the user computer date because users are all over the globe and setting a time zone in localization doesn't work (since everyone is on a different time zone). This all works fine in the Details page, upon update. But I also need the script to fill the Bulk Edit selected records field. I'm wondering if it's because Bulk Edit is designed for multiple records that the script doesn't work? I've tried the text filed for the date (Comments_Actual_Read_Date) as either hidden or text in Bulk Update but it's not updating. I think if Hidden the field should update without having the left hand check box checked. Here's the code in the footer of Bulk Update: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* Declaration and initialization */ Stamp = new Date(); var v_TimeStamp; Hours = Stamp.getHours() Mins = Stamp.getMinutes(); Secs = Stamp.getSeconds(); /* Attach a prefix with digit '0' if the minutes is less than 10. */ if (Mins < 10) { Mins = "0" + Mins; } /* Construct the value of the v_TimeStamp variable in the format m/d/yyyy hh:mm */ v_TimeStamp=('' + (Stamp.getMonth() + 1) +"/"+Stamp.getDate()+ "/"+Stamp.getFullYear() + ' ' + Hours + ":" + Mins + ":" + Secs); document.getElementById("EditRecordComments_Actual_Read_Date").value=v_TimeStamp; </SCRIPT> Any help would be great- thanks!
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