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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to have a situation where a form is displayed to the user whereupon they enter particular information (Fields A - E), should this information be reviewed (user ticks "reviewed, Y/N" box), further fields (Fields F - P) are made visible to the user where they can enter in more descriptive information which was not asked in the first form. At the end, all the information pertaining to a specific incident must be combined so that reports can generated at a later stage. Ideally, in my mind, should the user tick the "yes tick box", further fields are displayed upon which the user can enter in more descriptive information. If I'm not mistaken, and if function could be utilised in this case. Another way of explaining this: Is it possible for a user to enter information into a form (Fields A - E) and submit that form. The form is then viewed at a later stage and further information can be added to that specific form in new text fields (Fields F - P). Is this possible and if so, how would one go about doing this. Any information as to how this could be done would be greatly appreciated, if any further details are required please don't hesitate to ask. Many Thanks!
  2. I will try to explain my problem I need to have an input form where when you select a zipcode some more values are looked up in a table and auto p[populated in other fields of the input form. easy enough. However, I need to select multiple zipcodes and do the same each time, inserting a separate record in a report table. I need the logic to automatically create a new zipcode selection field on the input form if the one above it is filled out or have a button that says "add another zipcode", leaving all of the other fields on the input form filled out and a new record created each time. I may need the user to select as many as 20 zipcodes so I want it to be as clean as possible. Any ideas on how to do this? many thanks Clay
  3. Is it possible to restrict the search fields that are visible in a data page and data depending on the user level security? If a user has full access, all of the search fields would display on the form and all of the data would be accessible. If the user has restricted access only certain search fields would display on the data page and the data results would be restricted as well.
  4. Hello everyone, I started using Caspio only a couple of days ago. As a first test project I am trying to build an invoicing app. I am now facing a problem and I really hope that someone here can help me. Before generating a new invoice, I need to enter all data for it. Customers I pick from a drop down, invoice date from the date picker etc. That is all fine. Now I select the Service I am sending the invoice for. (Let’s assume it’s only one service in the invoice.) This is another dropdown and refers to a table with, let’s say, the following content ID SERVICE PRICE 1 Accounting 100 2 Consulting 120 3 Training 140 In my data page I pick the service from a dropdown, display and value are both set to the 2nd column shown above. I pick Consulting, Consulting is displayed. The problem is, I need the price to show up somewhere so I can later calculate the invoice overall sum with it. I know I could insert a 2nd dropdown with SERVICE as display and PRICE as value, but I don’t want to drop down twice. So here is my question: How can I, in my data page, display the price (col. 3) of the service (col. 2) that I just picked in the drop down field? (By the way, the same solution will help me to, in the next phase, display the customer’s address in the printable invoice page, after I selected the customer’s name from a drop down. Same thing I guess.) Thank you very much in advance. I am looking forward to receiving your posts. Anatol
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