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Found 3 results

  1. First I would like to thank all community members who contribute to this forum. I have used Caspio for the past few months and any questions or problems I have had were answered by searching this forum. Unfortunately, I haven't found any that come close to solving this problem... I have several company's that use the same table to manage inventory at their location. This is a management problem and possible security risk. I can correct the issue by creating data pages for each company all with identical element fields and creating copies of the original data source for each company referenced by the respective data page for that company. This of course uses up data pages and creates redundancy that I prefer to steer away from whenever possible. My question, is there a way to have a single data page and be able to change the data source of the data page before it loads? (all elements referenced within the data page are same for each data source) I am learning java script and have learned a lot from reviewing the examples on this forum. I have reviewed the caspio form elements thread. But have not found any reference to calling the data page data source. I understand that my train of thought on the work flow of this problem my be incorret and explanes why I cannot find any references to table manipulation on this forum, Either way, I appreciate all observations, suggestions and solutions, on cutting down the redundancy of having multiple data pages all identical, with the exception of the data source. Jim Ellington
  2. Hello; Does anybody know a way to dynamically set the data source of a data page? For example: tblData_[@authfield:AccountID] AccountID = 1 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_1 AccountID = 2 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_2 Much Thanks!!
  3. I want to create a separate login form for a set of different users. I attempted to create a second html datapage for login, but I cannot select a different data source to select the authentication from a different table. How could I achieve this?
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