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Found 3 results

  1. I have been pounding my head against a wall on this one. I need to do data validation for two fields in a tabular report data page in two different scenarios. I have been successfully using the following code to validate one field: <script> var nameOfField = "InlineAddWhole_Value_Perc_Split_to_Agent"; document.addEventListener('DOMSubtreeModified', function(){ if(document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0]) { document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].addEventListener('change', function(){ var cash= document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].value; if(isNaN(cash)) { alert("You have entered an invalid number in the Split to Agent field. Value must be numeric whole value decimal. Do not include letters or symbols."); document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].value=""; document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].focus(); } else if((cash) < 0) { alert("You have entered an invalid number in the Split to Agent field. Value cannot be a negative amount."); document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].value="0"; document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].focus(); } else if((cash) > 100) { alert("You have entered an invalid number in the Split to Agent field. Percentage value must be entered as a whole value percentage. i.e. 100% = 100 and 50% = 50"); document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].value="100"; document.getElementsByName(nameOfField)[0].focus(); } }); } }); </script> 1st scenario - How do I validate two different fields independently? Basically field "split to Agent" must be between 0 & 100 and field "Agent ID" must be non-zero. 2nd scenario - How do I validate two different fields dependently? IF field "split to Agent" is less than 100 THEN field "Agent ID" must be non-zero. The main issue that I am running into is that I cannot figure out how to do an event listener for more than 1 field at a time. No matter how I have tried to implement it, I can't. I would appreciate any help that I can get here. Is that possible to implement? Is there any way to implement this? Thank you in advanced! Tyler
  2. Hello - I need help in improving the JS code below. I would like to add data validation upon updating a record via In line Edit in a Tabular form. Any feedback is much appreciated. <script> document.getElementById("Mod0InlineEdit").onclick = function() { window.alert("check"); if(document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 100 { window.alert("save!"); } else if (document.getElementsByName("Mod0InlineEdit")[0].value > 1000 { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } else { window.alert("do not save!"); return false; } }
  3. I hope I'm not asking a really foolish question but I have search around without much success. How do check that data entered in a form is in a specific range. Lets say we have a currency field "Rent". How do we check in a form that the amount entered is greater than 0 and less then 10,000 say? Thanks
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