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Found 9 results

  1. I have a Caspio database of grocery items. I need to create a WP page with a list of the items on which people can click. When they click on the item a page opens which is then populated by the information in the database. Also, would there be a way that when I add to the database in Caspio it creates a link on my WP page via a shortcode? Prior to going to WP I used Adobe Business Catalysts and this all happened via a webapp. Any suggestions regarding a plug-in or othewise would be greatly appreciated. I've upload a few pics from my old website to help visualize the process I'd like to re-create
  2. My company has a very simple website on Wix Platform and we utilize Pipedrive advanced as well. The reports, called Insights, on Pipedrive are very simple and limited in this plan we afford to pay. So.. I am building another automatic way of getting those reports and making them accessible to our team of sellers. I found out Zapier, which made half of the job done. I integrated Pipedrive with Googlesheets and then .... when I started learning how to integrate Googlesheets with the website (WIX) I discovered Caspio.... which seems to do it all.... I have been watching tutorials videos for the past 2 hours and tried to import my datasheet to start testing the limits of the free plan but its has been quite complicated... I don't have a specific question... If someone could give me a few tips about the task I am trying accomplish would be really helpful. =) Thank you!
  3. hello everyone, I am new to caspio but am very happy of their existence. let me explain. as a computer consultant i have been hired to upgrade a customer's website. He has one created exclusively with tools from the DIY website wix.com sadly, wix does not support my customers request for a database. Happily, Caspio DOES support database usage within a wix built website. I first went to Caspio support but they referred me here (for free). Specifically: database has four fields --- first name, last name, ls certification, certificate i.e. text, text, nn-nnnn, pdf file input: last name output: first name, last name, ls certification, link to view pdf of ls certification I am already signed up for next week's 3 Caspio webinars but as of the moment I need you help most! thanks
  4. Hello, I am trying to find a solution to a problem I am having where after submitting an update form I am forced to log out and log back in before I can pull the results submitted into a combined chart/report. Is there a way to auto refresh this report so I do not have to log out every time? Thanks, Allen
  5. I have the synonym database, including 2 tables: words table: id (int) word (text) synonyms table id (int) word1_id (int) word2_id Several notes 1. Columns word1_id and word2_id are id-s of words table records. I know that it is not the best solution for this specific task, but it is just the example. 2. Synonyms table cannot include two records with the same ids of both words (at least in the same order). I want to have one or several softwares (or online services) which makes possible without any programming the following: 1. Easily generate similar database structure (maybe smth link WorkBench EER diagram); 2. Easily create new records adding form, for this example that will be synonyms pairs. The algorithm must be not trivial, e.g. when one of words we want to add as synonym pair is not present in words table, it must be automatically added there. 3. Easily retrieve data (synonyms) for the specified word. Questions 1. Is it possible to implement that with your software? 2. Is it compatible with Mysql (I mean can I send mysql queries to manage your database?) 3. What plan should I subscribe to be able to implement my task? Thanks in advance!
  6. I recently created a relatively simple database of names and locations. I have noticed that if you leave the fields blank and hit the search button, the entire database displays, which is not desirable. As far as I can tell, the only way to prevent this is to put minimum character requirements in the fields. This is okay but I was wondering if there's another solution I overlooked. Thanks for your help!
  7. I have been able to embed the code for a caspio.com database into my Weebly website, except the images did not come with it. Like this is a caspio.com settings issue which I will ask there about. But in case someone on Weebly knows about this issue let me know.
  8. I have created a caspio database of ca 25 field one of which is an image field. I brough this into a Weebly website but the images did not come with it. How should I configure the caspio database so they will show up in the Weebly website?
  9. I recently updated my database and the ID tags are not showing in the string. Can someone please show me how to fix this. Jason at Caspio did it once for me and I didn't get the opportunity to write it down, please help. This is what is happening, when I enter a name in the search box and click enter, that name comes up but all of other information that I have under other names come up as well. I know it has something to do with the ID field not displaying properly, I just need a little bit of help. Best, Myra
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