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Found 44 results

  1. AndyWallace

    Datapage Display

    I am currently developing a database to catalogue bobbleheads given away by various hockey teams. I essentially want to just make one datapage but deploy it on multiple pages on my website and was wondering if there were multiple ways of displaying the datapage when you deploy it. For example if I just to display the table as if it was already searched is that possible? Instead of making the user search first just display the table having already been searched for a specific team.
  2. Hello everyone, Is it possible in Caspio to remove the "No record found" message in results page? Instead, I want to display a button that will re-direct the user to a form where he/she can create a new entry for that specific search criteria. Thank you for the help.
  3. Stepford

    How to create a conditional link?

    Good day fellow Caspio developers, I have a DataPage where I have set up a link using the Link Menu generator found at https://b4.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=a3012000cb4d6f2877864fd4a875 that delivered the following script (where I have added a little font formatting too): <span style="font-size:12px;"><span style="font-family:tahoma,geneva,sans-serif;"><a class="cbMenuItem" href="#" onclick="window.open(&quot;https://c0esh337.caspio.com/dp/cdemyDataPageAppKey?Dest_Country=[@field:Country_Name]&amp;Company_Name=[@field:Importer_Of_Record]&quot;,&quot;mywindow&quot;, &quot;menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=700&quot;)">View IOR Contact Details</a></span></span> The general idea here is that when the user clicks on the link, it opens up a pop-up page displaying the Importer_Of_Record contact details and it works just fine for that purpose. However, there are instances in my data where there is no record in the Importer_Of_Record field and so when this is the case I would like the script to recognise this fact and hide the link. Is this possible and if so what changes do I need to make to my script? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Stephen
  4. Perzival

    Pop-up Form on Submit

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a submission form with four fields, NAME, EMAIL, CONTACT PERSON and RESUME(File Data type). Now I want to have a user interaction that will confirm if the user wants to proceed when he/she submit a record. e.g. "Are you sure you want to apply for this Position?" Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks!
  5. PirateSteve

    Table insert from results set

    How can I write (insert) the rows in a DataPage report result set into a table? Table of details, with multi-level rollup, is updated by many users with login RLS. Results change often and unpredictably. Have a view that presents the correct data from several tables for a rollup report that counts instances of an item by a grouping factor, rolled up through the levels. A snapshot of the rollup report at the end of a week is used to guide deliveries based on the counts as of that time. Need to be able to write that snapshot (the rollup DataPage tabular report result set) into a history table with same columns. Purpose is to have accurate history by week of those counts to derive accurate totals for period(s) and monitor trends over time etc. I know I can export and then import append into a table, but was hoping for an automated method initiated via button or similar. New to Caspio, but not afraid of code, at least to copy and paste Thanks for any help.
  6. Ok, here goes. I'm creating an application to store specific keyword information. I need to be able to associate certain keywords with certain groups. I've come up with a way to do this, using dropdown menus. There are general categories (Shape, Color, Gemstone, etc.) and when one is selected, I need a second dropdown menu populated with things relevant to the option chosen in the first dropdown. For example, if I choose 'Gemstone', the next dropdown would have options for sapphire, ruby, diamond, etc. Any tips on how to do this?
  7. michaelalanherrera

    Add a font to a DataPage

    I want to add the Roboto font to my DataPage as a custom font. How do I do that?
  8. Hi, We have a datapage of a list of current records. At present, we click on a link, and the individual record opens up in a new tab / window. What we would like to do, is have the record appear in a lightbox / modal. However because there is no active "link" involved in opening up a modal (done with Bootstrap - it's simply: data-toggle="modal" data-target="#myModal") and then I would put the Caspio deploy code within div class="modal-content" - how would I ensure the correct record opens up? Many thanks Nikki
  9. ronbrumbarger

    Undelete a Datapage

    After a long day of coding/working, I inadvertently and accidentally deleted an important Datapage... Is there any way to restore the datapage? I have the Appkey...
  10. oscargoldman

    Manual Sort in Data Page - Pivot Table

    We need to create a manual sort in a pivot table on a data page. We want to have size (XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL) appear in order on the rows rather than alphabetical. How can you do this? Thanks...
  11. I'm using a barcode reader to scan an order in a form, passing parameters to another form that scans the product sku, and the 2nd form opens itself up after each sku for however many skus are related to the order. It works well. The sum of the skus scanned by product are in another report datapage that updates on the same page the 2nd form is on. The report queries both the table used to scan skus for a sum by product, and a table containing data from shipping software that contains what should be shipped within it's table.... The only issue with this setup is that I'd prefer to get rid of the 2nd form, and just scan the order# , then pass parameters to the report page and use inline edit to scan skus.... the barcode reader hits enter itself with each scan and I have the button hidden... I can't get this done BECAUSE I can't get the cursor to focus on the inline edit field for skus when the first page opens the report. I think there should be an option for this like there is for forms....but since there isn't, I've been trying a bunch of scripts....here's my latest.... Footer: <script> { document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').focus(); document.getElementsByName('EditRecordInlineAddlineItemsku').select(); } </script> Any ideas how I might fix this???
  12. AdamS

    Pie Chart Labels

    Hi. I am trying add both the cbChartValue AND cbChartCategory to a pie chart label. Currently, I only see cbChartValue... any suggestions? Thx, Adam
  13. In our application the streetname en housenumber are stored in one field called Street. For a download we have to separate streetname en number in two fields (street and number). How can I do that using a datapage?
  14. So I'm trying to get the value that is already in the current points field, do a calculation as depicted in the switch statement and then fill the field in again with the new number before submitting instantly. This is all supposed to be done as a way of replacing an SQL update statement. For some reason my EditRecord or document.getElementById doesn't seem to be working at all. <script LANGUAGE="Javascript"> function calculate(){ var pos = [@pos]; var points = [@field:CurrentPoints#]; switch(pos) { case 1: points += 10; break; case 2: points += 8; break; case 3: points += 6; break; case 4: points += 4; break; case -2: points += -2; break; default: points += 2; } document.getElementById("EditRecordCurrentPoints").innerHTML = points; } document.getElementById("mypage").onsubmit=calculate(); </script> There is already a <div id="mypage"> in the header and a </div> in the footer. Am I just being very stupid?
  15. moksamedia

    Restrict date range of calendar popup?

    Is there any way to restrict the possible date range of a calendar popup? I found a post that showed how to validate the element and show an alert, but what I'd like to be able to do is actually restrict the dates the user can select in the popup. Thanks, Andrew
  16. Clint

    SQL with an HTML Output

    I have a working conditional statement using SQL. However, the output (following the "then" statement outputs plain text. Does anyone know how to force it to be formatted as a clickable link? Here's the full statement: CASE WHEN [@field:connect_PIF_ER_eval_complete]='' then '<a href="participant_evaluation.html?ER_ID=[@field:ER_Events_1_ER_ID]&Ev_Type=[@field:ER_Events_1_Event_Type]">Evaluation</a>' ELSE 'Evaluation Completed' END I'm sure it's obvious, I'm just not sure what needs to surround the href tag. Thanks!
  17. moksamedia

    Save datapage without "finishing?"

    Hello, I'm editing a datapage with multiple custom HTML elements and it would be really nice if I didn't have to "finish" after each changed to test it on my server (bc this then throws me out of the datapage I'm editing and I have to re-select and and navigate back through the wizard to the right page to edit). Is there a way to save a datapage I'm working on without clicking the "finish" button? Thanks, Andrew Hughes
  18. Hi All, i am working with a project where in i need to display it in a monthly calendar view but i can edit it each day to update the records is this possible? I know other options like i can include details page but i want it to be editable on the first page without clicking the details page.
  19. I have separate search form and results datapage on one webpage. Is it possible to move the download data button, currently at the top of the report datapage, over to the search datapage? I've tried using CSS, but can't seem to escape the report datapage boundaries. I've also tried to extract the appSession link that's attached to the download button (using inspect element in Firebug), and assign it to a button I created on the search datapage. This worked for a short while until I realised that the appSession link is only temporary, so my download button on the search datapage stopped working the day after! Is there not a more permanent link for the datadownload that I can apply to a button? Thanks for any guidance.
  20. Hi, The Search and Report datapage has only one choice now to add a new variable for the results and that one is HTML Block. Any reason I am not seeing calculated field, Virtual field etc. Other datapages seem to be fine. See screenshot below. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  21. On my table, I have a header titled "tags." I wanted to change the title to "Keyword." I edited the table on Caspio and changed the field name to match. While this updated correctly, the two datapages pulling from this table did not update to match (they still show "tags" instead of Keyword). Any idea how to fix this?
  22. Hello, am totally new on this. and i am not an IT person in fact either. my account is also on a free plan. I wish I could get helps on how to insert aggregations, in this case Count formula into the header/footer or HTML block in my tabular/gallery datapage. I created a datapage based on a Views. According to Release Notes, Caspio Bridge 9.1 has a new feature to allow insert a field in Aggregations. But, unfortunately I couldn't see the Aggregations/Calculations on DataPage elements wizard. Any helps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adhika.
  23. Hi, I've searched the forum but cannot find it. I'm looking for a button to go to another datapage within my app. I can create a link to another data page, but no button (It hink it goes wrong because it asks for class="cbMenuItem"") The style of the button should be preferably in the style of the Submit button used on datapages.
  24. I want to make a datapage element be visible or hidden depending on the value of another datapage element. How to do?
  25. Hi I used total & aggregation default function to calculation average score for table that has 12 months. The answer calculated has 6 decimal place but I want to have it round up. How do I fix this? There is nothing on the datapage round it up. Example (the actual calculation will give 2 decimal place in the below scenario. just for the purpose of illustrate, i have put in a dummy average value) Name Jan Feb Mar Name1 4.22 4.23 6.3 Name2 4.12 4.11 6.44 Mth Avg 4.31123 4.1732 12.74234 how can i round up to 2 decimal point 4.31123 to 4.31?