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Found 17 results

  1. I want to change a header of submission datapage based on a comparison between two virtual fields on the page. The virtual fields are fixed values for the record drawn from an underlying query, using dropdown values. If Virtual 2 <> Virtual 3 a section with a submission field for the Financial Statement Report is hidden (via Rule 1) , and if Virtual 2 = Virtual 3 the same field is set to be required (via Rule 2). I did not create the header, but it looks currently like this: <div class="container mt-3 mb-3"> <div class="row"> <div class="col mb-3" style="display:inherit !important;"> <h4>Add your Invoice and a Financial Statement Report</h4> <a href="https://c4ffn695.caspio.com/folderlogout" class="ml-auto btn btn-secondary">Logout</a> </div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="col"> If Virtual 2 <> Virtual 3, I want to header to read 'Add your Invoice' and if not 'Add your Invoice and the Financial Statement Report' I tried (to no avail) - with different header values - the following script in the Footer <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { if ("[@cbParamVirtual2]" == "[@cbParamVirtual3]" ) { document.querySelector("h4").innerHTML="Some title"; } else { DataPage, you may try document.querySelector("h4").innerHTML="Other title"; } }); </script> But I am no JS expert Any help sincerely appreciated Floris
  2. When I try to preview my Calendar DataPage, I am getting the following error: "System error. (Caspio Bridge error) (80004003)" I haven't been able to find any information on what this means. I copied this DataPage from a working DataPage and all I changed was Configure Fields for Calendar, but now, no matter how I change things, I keep getting the same error. My Configure Fields has been reduced to simply a header, which I didn't change and only has CSS in it, one list field, and an empty footer and still I'm getting that error. Can anyone point me to where the problem might be or what that error might mean?
  3. I’m from a MS Access background. I’ve created an SQL statement to count the number of records that match certain criteria. The statement is reasonably complex but I have made it work in Access. Now I want to find a way of re-creating the same result in Caspio. I’ve searched and searched but I can’t even find where to begin. I can find examples of discussions about use of SQL statements on DataPages so it appears to be possible but I can’t find where to begin. As a really simple example: let’s say I want a DataPage to show the number of records in a given table. I can use the Aggregation tools to achieve what I need but I can’t find out how to actually view the SQL statement behind the scenes. Can anyone assist? James
  4. Dear Caspio, I have created a datapage entry for an online form where users have to use their Identification Number to login and reconfirm their entry for a conference. Inside, I've created a radio button where I've set an amount with hotel payment for those who agree to join the conference. Now, since the quota for the hotel is filled up, the management decide to change the amount without hotel payment (cheaper) where the participants needs to look for other hotels. The question is, how can I dim the radio button if a user re-login and already agree for the original price and cannot change to the new price for the conference? Those who haven't login will still need to pick the amount that is set. Something like this: 1,300 (without hotel stay) -> Need disable this option 2,300 (with hotel stay) -> User already pick this Hope to hear feedback from you on this matter soon. Thank you. Ronald S
  5. I am creating a database to hold clients list and am looking for a way to link the company profile to employee details page
  6. Hi, I used the IFrame Embedded Tabbed Deployment instructions located on the Caspio Advanced customizations page. The iframe is working as designed but I'm having an issue with a report datapage included in the frame not refreshing. I have 4 Caspio datapages included in the frame. The first page 1-0 is a submission form that directs the user after submit to the second page 1-1 a tabular report. The second page 1-1 tabular report includes an Href link to a 3rd page 1-2 another submission form. The 3rd page 1-2 submission form directs the user back to 1-1 the tabular report w/href link in case the user needs to make additional requests. The 4th page 1-3 is a tubular report that displays all information submitted using the href link on the 3rd page 1-1 tabular report via the submission form on 1-2. My issue is the following: When I direct the 3rd page 1-2 after submit back to 1-1 with HREF link so that additional user requests can be made the Iframe does not update the report page 1-3. I have to manually refresh 1-3 to see the submission made on page 1-2. If I change the redirect of the 3rd page 1-2 after submit to the tabular report page 1-3 directly the report refreshes correctly in real-time without having to manually refresh. I'm trying to determine if a page has to actively be 'touched' in the iframe for updated table information to display without a manual refresh of the page. From a user perspective I'd like to make all my requests first (page 1-1/submission from 1-2) and then view the report (1-3) to confirm and check status. I don't think the user experience should be to view the report after every selection if other requests need to be made. As always I appreciate any feedback that can be provided. Thank you. Bre
  7. Hello, I want to call a chart datapage from a report datapage. I am currently doing that successfully. I am embedding the http call in the report datapage footer. No problem there. What I would like to do further is to call this embedded chart app without getting prompted by a 'Search' button but call it with one parameter passed in from the report datapage to the http call of the chart datapage. Is this possible to do? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have 200 + DataPages in my Caspio Account. I moved them from one caspio account to another using Import / Export feature. Everything worked fine, but all the DataPages are now Deployed = Disabled in the destination . Is there a way to quickly deploy all the DataPages at once? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have a search and report datapage where I have added an HTML block in the results section which has an iFrame element inside of it. I am trying to accomplish this: User processes a search, results are shown where some results will equal saved results from another table. So table (A) produces results that I want to cross-check to table (B). If there is a match based on an ID field in both tables (A+B), I want the iFrame element to show basic data (timestamp & user name). I was successful in doing this part... Here is where I am having problems.... If table (B) does NOT match (right now shows "No record found."), I want the iFrame to show another datapage which is a form submit (this is the form that copies the data from table (A) to table (B). I am actually able to get both of these parts working, but I cant get them to work together. So I can either get the results page to show a button that says "save" and then it saves that data from table (A) to table (B). But then it won't show the timestamp and user name after a page refresh. Or I can get the results page to show timestamps and user names even after a page refresh, but then I can't get the "Save" button/option to show. I need some sort of Javascript if/then option. Thank you for ANY help with this!!!
  10. Hi there i would like to know if its possible for my users to select the datapage they wish to view via a drop down box once they login. At the moment users have to launch different URL's to view different datapages but i would like to make it easier for the users by having just 1 URL and then select the data base they wish to view from there. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm designing a poll app. It's a simple one-question poll with an arbitrary number of answer options. I have a connection on it to authenticate users and require them to log in before answering polls. Everything is working so that my admins can make new polls/answers and users can log in and answer them. However, I can't figure out how to restrict users to one answer per poll. I have tables for users, polls, answer options for each poll, user responses. It's all working, but I need a (non-kluge) way to check whether a user has already responded to the specific poll before inserting a new response in the response table. I am stuck. I have a kluge in place (basically tracking in an array which polls the user has responded to in his record in the user table). I'd love it if Caspio Bridge would let me do a "single-record update" or "details page update" which would, if it couldn't find the record, insert a new one. Something like that would make this app perfect and kluge-free. Or maybe I need to go about it another way entirely? Any feedback appreciated!
  12. Hi all, I am using a list report datapage to display an individual customer's purchase history. How may I record the "record count" number from this list report datapage into one of my data tables so I may keep track of the number of purchases a customer has made and use this number in other datapages? Thanks! Logan
  13. Hello, I read through the responsive datapages overview, but there is no information or guidance on how to apply that code to a map display. Is there a way to make a Google map responsive or override the inline styles based on device once the map loads on the page? Also, if I want to have smaller map appear on the details page than the main large one on the results page, do I need to create and apply a map specific to a unique details datapage setup?
  14. Hello y'all, Is there a way (or a code) to tell my app to remember the last page visited when users got kicked out because of inactivitiy? My objective is to let users continue where they left off within 30 minutes, when they logged out, or got kicked out due to inactivity. I would love for them to see the datapage in which they were working, again as long they logged back in within 30 mins. Right now, my app is taking everyone to the front first page. Thank you so much for the assistance.
  15. Hello: I have a simple online app that is a collection of salespeople and their clients. Clients can have more than one salesperson. I want to create a report that finds all the clients of a particular salesperson, and displays those clients along with a list of the other salespeople on each of that list of clients. I have the site on www.whoworkswithme.com where I put up a simple version using a single table. But now, I am trying to split it out into 3 tables: Person, Client, and "Coverage" (which is the Client & salespeople) because I will eventually have users registering on their own and adding clients. As I said, I am trying to set-up a report where you search for a person (using their email address) and see ALL of a person's clients, and the ALL of the other salespeople who also are on those clients. In some cases, the person will have clients that have other salespeople. The goal of the app is to allow each salesperson to see the other people who are associated with his clients. So I want to search on an email address, find all the clients that the email/Person is associated with, then find all the other salespeople who are associated with those clients. Then display the clients in order, with a list of the other salespeople for each client I created a View that combines the three tables into one and it looks correct (with multiple client lines for multiple salespeople), then I created a search & report on that View. But when I search by a person's email, I only get a list his/her clients, but not the other salespeople on those clients. I have a search and report version online as an example of what I am looking for, but it only works for looking up a single client at a time to see who else is on that client. It is currently on www.whoworkswithme.com But it uses the original single table. If you go to the site and select "Your Team" and search "Alstom" (client or project) you can see what the results should look like (for a single client, but I want multiple clients displayed like that). All I can get right now is a list of a salesperson's clients, but it does not list the other associated sales people. (see the Me@Work" tab and search for "jbush@nefitness.com"...this list clients, but also should also display other salespeople under each client) I am not sure if this can be done in one report, or needs to be some type of nested query/report. Thank you in advance for and advice! Chris
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to pass multiple values through a singular parameter from a search form to a results page via a query string. I have read this help page, which explains how to pass multiple values as a single parameter using " OR " in the query string. It seems to work fine for text fields. However, my field is an integer, and it keeps returning "No results." I have tried the following: http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=APPKEY&Client_ID=2 OR 3 http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=APPKEY&Client_ID="2" OR "3" Can anyone tell me how to pass multiple numbers within a single parameter? Thanks!
  17. Is it possible to download the datapages in excel or csv or txt format? It gives the option of download but not in an excel format Please help
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