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Found 2 results

  1. I understand we are not able to use the date formula for day of the week directly in a table field. I have managed to create a calculated field in a DataPage that uses a day of the week formula (see below for the formula used) which is working nicely and gives me the desired result on the DataPage. However, this is good for display only and I cannot use the result other than viewing it on the DataPage. Is there a way to pass the result from my DataPage calculated field back to a table (same table that the DataPage is connected to)? Or, is there anyway to get a working formula directly on the table that provides a number 1 through 7 for day of the week for a given date? The formula I am currently using on the DataPage and works well is: DatePart(dw,[@field:XXXXX])
  2. Hello All, I would like to COUNT the values between a certain time frame regardless of date... for this example lets say 10AM and 4PM or 10:00 and 16:00. Please consider: Item1: 01/07/15 11:00:00 Item2: 01/04/15 13:00:00 Item3: 01/03/15 07:00:00 Item4: 01/06/15 17:00:00 Item5: 01/03/15 09:00:00 Item6: 01/07/15 15:00:00 Desired results: 3 I can pull the hour from the date, but I can't figure out how to filter by hour or count values in a range. Any ideas? Thanks
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