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Found 6 results

  1. I have 887 documents in my Files section. I would like to delete all of them. Is there a way to select and delete all, instead of one by one?
  2. Does anyone know how to create a custom 'Delete' button that could be put in an html block in the Details view of a datapage. I need to use Rules to allow/disallow the deleting of a record. The standard 'Delete' button allows deletion of all records. So a custom button in an html block in a Section that can be hidden/unhidden in Rules would work- but I don't know how to code that. The code for a 'Submit' button is: <div style="text-align: center;"><input class="cb_custom_btn" type="submit" value="SUBMIT" /></div> Does anyone know how to modify this- I don't imagine changing 'submit' to 'delete' would do it..
  3. How can you tell if a field has dependencies?
  4. Deleted one whole application in my account but several tables were not deleted when I check all assets. Is there a glitch or am I missing something?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how I can create a trigger to delete records in a table that are older than say 10 minutes? I can do this easily with SQL statements but can't get my head around how to do this in the drag-and-drop screen for triggered actions. thanks. John
  6. Hello All! I am building a routine to delete a "Lead" that is organized into many normalized tables. tblLead -tblPerson -tblPhone -tblEmail -tblAddress -tblVehicle -tblPolAuto -tblPolHome -tblNote -tblActionLog -tblLinkDupes Each child table uses LeadID as a Foreign Key to relate to tblLead. Using SQL deleting these records would be an easy feat... (and I may end up doing this every night after my scheduled task export backup, but that is far from optimal) DELETE FROM tblPerson WHERE LeadID=x; DELETE FROM tblPhone WHERE LeadID=x; etc. In Caspio I cannot think of a fast way to do this. My anticipated approach is to cycle through an auto-submitted and confimation disabled data page for every table, but what is going to happen when the child table has more than one record where LeadID=x. Has anybody dealt with this?
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