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Found 1 result

  1. OK, I'm still fairly new to the world of getting information out on the web. My question is about the best way to deploy my datapages. I have created several datapages for communicating information to my clients about the work my company has done on their property. I also created a Wix site to display the information. I have navigation in the wix site, and each of the Wix web pages has an HTML frame that displays a datapage. Some web pages have more than one datapage in it. The problems this creates are: 1. Before login, every window shows the login box. The Home page has 3 windows in it, so each page shows the login box. After login, the login boxes in the other HTML windows don't go away. 2. I used the logout function written in the Help site, but when I logout it shows a miniature version of the entire datapage in the window where the logout function is shown. My questions are probably very basic. Am I doing this right? Is Caspio intended to deploy on a single page and then have the navigation be from one datapage to another completely within a single Wix web page? If so, how is the navigation within Caspio to work? Is navigation in a 3rd party web hosting system usable and, if so, what are the tricks to make it function right?
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