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Found 18 results

  1. The page is www.myselfhealth.org/bod/Therapy.html I receive Failed data integrity check I am using DREAMWEAVER and on the CASPIO DataPages everything is fine. UN bobo12 PW pw1234 Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I recently used the SEO Deployment method on my web server. I followed the instructions to 'Use External Style' using PHP. The pre-defined search shows up just fine, but before the results are displayed I see the following messages (actual web server file paths and file names were changed to maintain privacy): Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.../*.com/.../file.php:1) in /home/.../*.com/.../file.php(18) : eval()'d code on line 11Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/.../*.com/.../file.php:1) in /home/.../*.com/.../file.php(18) : eval()'d code on line 11 I have attempted to load the page in Edge, Chrome, and Opera and I receive the error each time. I have also attempted to put the Caspio deployment code in a separate file and use <? php include filename.php ?> in my primary page to no avail. Any thoughts on what may be happening and what I can do to rectify? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I don't know if it's Wordpress issue but for some reason, whenever I deploy a datapage in iFrame, both wordpress code and html code, it wont receive any parameters however when using different deployment, it's working fine. Currently I deployed the datapage using the other means but I'd prefer using iFrame on some instances. Thank you.
  4. Hi family, i am currently using the following code to set the height and width of the iframe deployment manually: <iframe name="Broker" title="Broker" src="https://c0dcv045.caspio.com/dp/aa4a60008d8bcb4785114729ba75" width=500 height=300>Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> This is as given on caspio's site so i just adjust it to my datapage... However is very time consuming to have to pick and adjust the sizes everytime you deploy and given that the results will always grow as the system is used, the sizes must now be readjusted manually all the time. how do i set it to always fit the screen automatically, so that the sizes grow with the growing results.... much appreciated in advance
  5. Hi everyone - Just wanted to share this article of Caspio about the Deprecation of Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy Browsers. See this page for more information. https://howto.caspio.com/deprecations/deprecation-of-internet-explorer-11-and-microsoft-edge-legacy-browsers/. You might want to switch to the latest browsers
  6. I am deploying my data pages to Weebly. On the surface, everything seems to work fine. However, I have users who have to constantly refresh to see any new content that is added such as menu buttons or even text that has been added to a page. Is there a way around this? I know that cookies basically hold your spot where you left off, but the amount of refreshing that has to take place seems extreme. This may be a Weebly issue, but if anyone has any solutions, I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  7. I'm having trouble deploying my login page into my Weebly site. The login box works fine and I'm able to enter username and password, but when I submit the credentials, it just shows me HTML code instead of taking me to the URL that I designated. The first screenshot shows what happens when I try to log in, and the second one shows the page that it should be directing to upon login (search-and-report.html). Any help and suggestions is appreciated.
  8. I built a page a couple of years ago with a search form that passes parameters to multiple datapages, all deployed / embedded on a squarespace site. Now no parameters are being passed. Squarespace of course offers no support but Caspio says that this is due to Squarespace recently switching to iFrame, which doesn't allow parameters to be passed. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there an alternative method to deploying on squarespace, or an alternative site that is much better for this type of deployment? Caspio recommended Weebly, but Weebly appeared to be a total disaster and showed duplicates of each datapage, and then went crazy and all the datapages disappeared. I'd think that there'd be a simple solution to this, or that this would be an existing issue on the forums, but maybe there is a simple solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. I was able to get this figured out. I needed to move my code to my footer. I have deployed an update datapage on Wordpress and the javascript below works fine. However, I deployed it on a Weebly website and it is not working. I have pasted the javascript below and then also the deployment code I put on Weebly. I have other custom javascript that is working on the same datapage, so wondering if the iMask might be the problem? Javascript in the Datapage: <script src="[@app:iMask/]"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordFax'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordOffice_Phone'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordOther_Phones'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordPrimary_Phone_Number'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordCell_Phone'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordHome_Phone'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordBeeper'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); var phoneMask = IMask( document.getElementById('EditRecordOther_Phone'), {mask: '(000) 000-0000'}); }); </script> Datapage embed deployment code: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://c2axa376.caspio.com/dp/3c194000bfe6c015b6ac4d52b0e2/emb"></script> <div class="cxkg"><a href="https://c2axa376.caspio.com/dp/3c194000bfe6c015b6ac4d52b0e2">Click here</a> to load this Caspio <a href="http://www.caspio.com" target="_blank" title="Cloud Database">Cloud Database</a></div> <div id="cb3c194000bfe6c015b6ac4d52b0e2"></div>
  10. I am currently developing a database to catalogue bobbleheads given away by various hockey teams. I essentially want to just make one datapage but deploy it on multiple pages on my website and was wondering if there were multiple ways of displaying the datapage when you deploy it. For example if I just to display the table as if it was already searched is that possible? Instead of making the user search first just display the table having already been searched for a specific team.
  11. Since the CB 10.0 upgrade Ive been updating all the deploy codes in my datapages utilizing the new Asynchronous DataPage Deployment Method (a noticeable pageload improvement over the legacy deployment method, plus no more chrome deprecated warnings in the console Thank you for this improvement Caspio). One problem I am faced with now is I have several tabular report pages that conditionally load link buttons dependent on the status field of each row. With the legacy page deployment I was able to perform this with the following script in an html block... <script> var stat = '[@field:Status]' if (stat == 'Assigned') { document.write('<a class="recordActions" href="assignedwopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]&stat=begin">View/Open WO</a>'); } else if (stat == '~Suspended') { document.write('<a class="recordActions" href="resumewopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]">Resume WO</a>'); } else { document.write('<label>WO Pending Review</label>'); } </script> -------------------------------------------------------- The innerHTML solution I came up with to replace the document.write follows... <div id="linkto"></div> <script> var stat = '[@field:Status]' if (stat == 'Assigned') { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<a class="recordActions" href="assignedwopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]&stat=begin">View/Open WO</a>'; } else if (stat == '~Suspended') { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<a class="recordActions" href="resumewopage.html?on=[@field:WO_Num]&at=[@field:Assigned_Tech]">Resume WO</a>'; } else { document.getElementById("linkto").innerHTML = '<label>WO Pending Review</label>'; } </script> Apparently this does not work because the “linkto” div is an html collection within the html block and improperly assigns the last read value to only the first row in the table. I tried a createElement method along with several other ideas all with the same results. Can anyone please inform me on the proper method to perform for the desired result of displaying a link button conditionally in a report. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
  12. I have a website where I continuously load articles into the browser as the user scrolls down the page. If the user places a Caspio embed in the first article, this will get loaded in on page load, and works great. But any articles that are dynamically created using JavaScript that try to embed Caspio within it don't populate. I am guessing this is because the script for Caspio has already run, and would need to be run again to populate the new instance. I followed the instructions to embed into articles. Is there anything in the API that can be called to refresh all Caspio instances on the page, or is this not possible?
  13. The style sheet (css) from my webpage removes all styling from my reports and forms. I can't work with iframes, there's just too much of a struggle to refresh data with multiple iframes deployed on one page (for me at least). My question is can I get my embedded deployed code to call the css style sheet from Caspio, instead of that of the webpage??? I've tried copying all the css into the webpage's style sheet, but for some reason my tables on this website appends a number at the end of of the css selector... for example: .cbFormLabel is now .cbFormLabel_23b221101fd7e9 I have no idea if my website software (Artisteer) is appending that, or if the host is.... I know just about enough about coding, to realize I have no idea what I'm doing, any help would be very much appreciated.
  14. Hello! I am trying to deploy a tabular report data page filtered by an external parameter on my wordpress webpage. I have downloaded the caspio plugin for wordpress, and I have had success embedding data pages in code blocks on "normal" wordpress pages built with the GUI web builder. However, the webpage I am modifying in this case is a custom .php file that is edited under Appearance->Editor in an Avada theme (I'm not sure exactly how to explain this). My report appears on this page if I use an iframe, however, this method prevents me from receiving parameters. Does anyone have advice for embedding a data page for wordpress directly into a customized wordpress file? I have tried the following and nothing showed up on the page: <?php do_shortcode('[caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"]'); ?> I also tried the following, which appeared as text on my page [caspio method="embed" subdomain="true" url="URL" appkey="APPKEY"] Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Hi I notice whenever I use javascript within caspio datapage and do a preview, it seems to work. However when I save my datapage and have it deployed to my web environment, the script does not work at all. Anyone know why and how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi all, I am having trouble deploying a report that works absolutely fine in the preview. Using an iframe, box on my site the search page shows up perfectly but once you press search / submit the report throws an HTTP 400 error. If I use Embed it works but only in a very small frame that cant be adjusted. Any thoughts? Thanks
  17. My question is probably very basic and there is no Caspio for Dummies. I have written some tables and data pages and it is time to deploy. I want a stand-alone login page, so I created a login form, a larger user form, an authentication, and I checked auto login for other forms. I understood that for deployment I am to create my webpages with my colors, logo, and some web navigation in my web-publication service (Wix, in my case) and then deploy Caspio information inside the webpages in smaller areas. However, that understanding was challenged when I tried to define a URL after successful login. When I did that, there was a tiny version of the URL inside the small login window I created. It does not advance my website to the new URL, just the Caspio window. Somebody help - is Caspio designed to be the entire webpage or is it just a small, embedded tool within my website? If I define a URL after successful login, is it advancing my overall website to the new page, or is it just advancing the Caspio datapages to a new URL? I believe it is advancing the entire website, but it is not working. Help would be appreciated.
  18. I have a responsive template on my website, but one particular section on a phone overspills over the right edge. This happens on any page that has a form / text from a Caspio deployment. An example page is: https://beautyandfragrancejobs.com/sign-up-step-3/?Candidate_ID=29500 I'm talking about the 'What You Get Section' On my iPhone the 3rd picture in each column goes over the right hand side of the site. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance.
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