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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have an html block in a Details page where I'm trying to show/hide a div based on the value of a Virtual field. The virtual field is set to Hidden and gets an Authentication value on load for data (a country name, in this case). I can't quite get the show/hide to work. I've used this code before and it works well so there must be some syntax mistake in this example. Does anyone have an idea with that might be? Thanks! <div id="section1">Print AUS Version</div> <script> var v_virt = document.getElementByID("cbParamVirtual13").value; if(v_virt=="Australia") { document.getElementById('section1').style.display = "block"; } else { document.getElementById('section1').style.display = "none"; } </script>
  2. Hi, I am going crazy with some grey lines now that I'm trying to launch. I ignored them since I thought it would be easy to fix once I came back to them. Boy, was I wrong. I do not know CSS much at all, so I'm sincerely hoping someone knows a fix. Thin grey lines surround and are inside all of my datapages. I write boxes below, but they're really lines. I am deployed on Wordpress, so I've gone about trying to eliminate what is causing them. I now believe this is related to some sort of default style with Wordpress, but not related to something defined in the actual CSS file since I've been deleted files and still having issues. I find it cannot be fixed with Caspio style, however, something in the Caspio code IS triggering these lines. I have included screenshots, look for the thin grey lines, perhaps related to Caspio using tables in its code? Based on various support pages elsewhere, it might be an outline and not a border. Trying to fix that didn't help. I am using Divi from Elegant Themes. It is not an Elegant Themes issue, since I tested with the theme twentythirteen. My site is at adjectivs.com. NO BOXES In Dreamweaver, completely new blank page, no CSS, embed the data page, NO boxes with iframe, no boxes appear With preview within Caspio generated preview, no boxes appear WITH BOXES Used Twentythirteen theme and the boxes appeared. deleted the whole css and rtl css files for twentythirteen and boxes appeared deleted the caspio plugin and boxes still appeared, then embedded and boxes appeared tried adding css to make outlines and border of div gone
  3. Thought others might find this useful. If you have a complicated table (using separate html blocks for the tr,td, etc) set up in a Details report you're unable to use Rules to show/hide sections. Because if a Section is inside the overall table (between the html blocks with table,tr,td) then when hidden it hides the entire table and therefore all of your fields within it. This is really a problem in terms of being able to have 'smart' reports. A workaround is to put a div in an html block and then show/hide it based on whatever criteria you would have used in a Rule. In this example that would be using a field that's a number and judging if it's null/not-null. So instead of a rule use 2 divs to show/hide what you want. The 1st div has it's own objects (and you could put virtual fields, regular fields, buttons, etc within it) and the 2nd div shows different objects (or it could just be text or blank if desired). Here's what to do: The field for the criteria needs to be on the results list and in this example is a number value, set to 'Hidden.' In an html block uncheck the html editor. Use section id's for the divs: <div id="section1">Objects specific to this div</div> <div id="section2">Objects specific to this div, or blank if desired</div> Then in the footer put your code: <script> var v_divhideid = parseFloat(document.getElementById("EditRecordMyFieldName").value); if(!isNaN(v_divhideid)) { document.getElementById('section1').style.display = "block"; document.getElementById('section2').style.display = "none"; } else { document.getElementById('section1').style.display = "none"; document.getElementById('section2').style.display = "block"; } </script> This enables you to show different objects depending on the value of a field, like a Rule, but using divs instead.
  4. I am trying to build a div-based table in a Tabular Report. I have deleted all of the fields and included a Header/Footer and HTML block. I have turned off the HTML Editor which kept closing my <div>s automatically Problem: Titles (cell header) don't line up over top the grid properly. The first one covers the entire table and the next three are pushed right as though they are being added after the table. I'm confused. I thought I'd be able to build table-based divs with the HTML blocks of Caspio. *********************************************************************************** The header block: <style media="screen" type="text/css">.table { display:table; } .row { display:table-row; } .cell { display:table-cell; padding:2px; } .header { font-weight:bold; text-align:center; } </style> <strong>[@field:tblProduct_strProductName]</strong> <hr /> Sample Size: [@field:tblProduct_dblSampleSize#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProduct_strSampleSizeUnit] <hr /> <div class="table"> <div class="row"> <div class="cell header">Field 1</div> <div class="cell header">Field 2</div> <div class="cell header">Field 3</div> <div class="cell header">Field 4</div> </div> *********************************************************************************** The HTML Block <div class="row"> <div class="cell"><strong>[@field:tblProductAssay_strAssayName]</strong></div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_dblNormalLow#]-[@field:tblProductAssay_dblNormalHigh#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProductAssay_strNormalUnit]</div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_dblAMRLow#]-[@field:tblProductAssay_dblAMRHigh#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProductAssay_strAMRUnit]</div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_memIFU]</div> </div> *********************************************************************************** The footer block </div>
  5. Hi, I have an html page with 2 datapages in it. Both are in their own divs. I'm trying to get the second div called 'callback' to refresh every 6 seconds. I've got this javascript to do it function autoRefresh_div() { $("#callback").load("https://c1eru548.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=f6344000919808bbf8fb4bb59cec&xip_Email=[@authfield:Email]&xip_Current_Password=[@authfield:Current_Password]"); } setInterval('autoRefresh_div()', 6000) The URL in the js is the deployment URL from Caspio for the datapage I want refreshing. Users login into the app and the first page they get is this html page. Both divs load fine at this stage. After 6 seconds the second div refreshes fine, but the system is putting up the User Name and Password fields again so they have to login again. As you can see I've tried to add these parameters to the URL so it autologs in. However, if I paste the URL it to the same brower window where the two Datapages are it works fine. So it works if I open it in a full pages after the initial login, but it won't work if it's refreshing a div in the same page. Any help much appriciate.
  6. I have a responsive template on my website, but one particular section on a phone overspills over the right edge. This happens on any page that has a form / text from a Caspio deployment. An example page is: https://beautyandfragrancejobs.com/sign-up-step-3/?Candidate_ID=29500 I'm talking about the 'What You Get Section' On my iPhone the 3rd picture in each column goes over the right hand side of the site. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance.
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