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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm using the new Caspio PDF report download option. I'm noticing that my hidden columns show up on the PDF. Previously, I was using the Caspio PDF generator code provided by Caspio based on my account type and the hidden columns remained hidden. I tried placing the hide column JavaScript in the source code for the PDF configuration but that does not seem to work. Does anyone know how to hide columns on the tabular reports using the new PDF feature? I'm using the the data in the hidden columns for SQL calculation purposes but the end user does not need to see the raw math. As always, I appreciate the input. Thanks, Bre
  2. Hi, We are in the final stages of a project where users are able to download a PDF version of the responses they have submitted. The PDF document is several pages long and is designed as a professional customised template. We want to be able to save all users PDF files in the CASPIO database so they can access the files in the future without having to generate them again from the CASPIO data page. We also want to be able to mass download all PDF files from all users at once (over 900 members). This is complicated by the fact that parameters cannot be passed to the PDF generator within CASPIO. We would like to know if there is a solution for using JavaScript that will generate the PDF file (perhaps as a standard data page) and then when the download link is pressed it downloads the file to the users hard drive, but also uploads the file to the CASPIO database? I've got as far knowing this command will allow different types of files that can be uploaded: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> document.getElementById("InsertRecordfilename").setAttribute("accept","application/pdf"); </SCRIPT> Is it possible to upload the present data page using a similar command? Thanks Scott
  3. I'm having issues downloading xml files from Caspio on some Windows computers. Once I go through the whole keep -> save as song and dance, it converts the file to a .crdownload and refuses to open with excel (corrupts or has other errors) 9 times out of 10. Any ideas on how to fix this? Edit: Having a similar error on Mac but without the .crdownload. This file specifically is coming up with this error when I try to open it.
  4. I'm trying to work with a datapage's download file in a bit of a different way then normal. Instead of the user clicking the 'Download' link I need that download csv file to just 'open in the url.' (meaning the datapage tabular view doesn't open at all). This is because I need that download csv file to be available via a url for another, outside app to access (using that url) and then use to import that data. I need to cut out the steps where the user has to 'download the data,' take that file and then 'upload it to the outside app' to do the actual import. The outside app should be able to just go to a url and grab the data. I’ve looked into the Datahub but it won't work for this particular need because it’s an ‘all data all the time’ thing with 2 drawbacks. 1) it doesn't 'authenticate' the data at a sub-account level, other than the overall CB account and 2) all records need to not be exported at all times- only records the user designates or that are in a queue using various fields in the View for filters. The existing ‘download’ link in a tabular datapage is close to solving both the authentication issue because 1) the datapage will only show data for the account that’s logged in and authenticated already, by design and 2) the ‘export status’ issue is dealt with using normal filters to filter out non-exportable or already exported records. These are the 2 big hurdles and using existing data pages solves them both. The missing part of this solution would merely be setting the datapage to ‘open the download file’ instead of opening the datapage view, on load. Since the datapage already has a download link the user can click on to get the data downloaded in xml/csv, it’s got to be just a matter of pointing the ‘on load’ of the datapage to just go to that existing ‘download’ link and instead of downloading anything just open it in the data page’s existing url. Another related option might be for the datapage's 'onload' to activate the 'download csv' file and send it to a specific, designated url that's not the opening datapage (if that's easier). Then the outside app can go to that url and pull the download csv file. Surely this can be done? It seems like it’d be very similar to the code for ‘select all’ and then ‘open bulk edit’ automatically that can be implemented on a tabular datapage. We just need ‘onload’ to be ‘open download xml/csv.' Any help on this would be greatly appreciated-
  5. Hello! I'm using Caspio's "File" Data Type? and I'd like to dynamically link to the uploaded files. Is there a way to find a "friendly" link for the files uploaded using the Caspio "File" Data Type? By "friendly" I mean the FileName and/or FilePath is visible? Rather than unfriendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&fileID=123 Friendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&filePath=[filePath]/[fileName] Thanks
  6. I have separate search form and results datapage on one webpage. Is it possible to move the download data button, currently at the top of the report datapage, over to the search datapage? I've tried using CSS, but can't seem to escape the report datapage boundaries. I've also tried to extract the appSession link that's attached to the download button (using inspect element in Firebug), and assign it to a button I created on the search datapage. This worked for a short while until I realised that the appSession link is only temporary, so my download button on the search datapage stopped working the day after! Is there not a more permanent link for the datadownload that I can apply to a button? Thanks for any guidance.
  7. The problem I face is that when Users download data from my Caspio results table they get an unformated Excel file. It would be great to somehow apply a template to adjust column/row widths, fonts, add a logo, etc., so that when the user opens up the Excel file, all looks consistent and professional. Obviously there's no standard feature in Caspio to do this, but I'm wondering whether such a setup could even be possible. I'd even be happy to write an Excel macro to do the formatting (and call the data) if that could form part of the solution. What makes it tougher is that the whole process would need to happen on the fly. Any advice much appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a search and report form which I have published to a website for a client. I have purchased the white label. On the search results page, I have a logout link and a download data link. 1) Is there a way for the logout link to show in the action bar at the top, where the 'Download Data' link is, instead of having to put it in the header? 2) When I hover over the logout link or the download data link, the URL shows as https://eu1.caspio.com/xxxxx. I would prefer for this not to mention caspio, as this is customer facing. Is there a way to do this? 3) When I download data, it prompts me to accept to download from eu1.caspio.com. Same as above: is there a way to not show this? Thank you, Julien
  9. Hello All, I can't find out where/how to change the 'Download Data' icon. I see all the other icon options in the various Styles settings but not the 'Download Data' icon. I also found in the Localization how to change the text for 'Download Data' but there's no option for the icon. Does anyone know where this specific icon setting is? Many thanks!
  10. I attempted to created check boxes on a tabler form, i was not given the virtual option to do it. I wanted someone to be able to select the form and then download the data that they selected via the check box. I know it has to be simple, but i am just not seeing how to do it, since i cant seem to get the virtual option to apprear on the tabler format of the datapage thank you
  11. I'm using the below select statement in a calculated field, the resultset works great in the html grid when I fire the datapage, but when I export the datapage the columns are blank. I am able to get results if I change the values from 'true' and 'false' to 1 and 0. Has anyone run into this? We would like the text value of either 'true/false' or 'yes/no' Thanks, -John select case when sum(b.CCO_Place_Points) > [@field:State_Points_Required_Required_Points] then 'True' else 'False' end from JRRESULTSTABLENEW a join Lookup_Places_2 b on b.CCO_Place_ID = a.CCO_PlaceID where a.MemberID = [@field:JRCOOKSLISTING_MemberID]
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