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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone experienced Caspio inserting duplicate records using a Submission form (with ~25 fields)? The duplicate records have all of the same exact values for every field except the timestamp on Insert is always 2-3 seconds apart. This has happened 3 times over the last week to 3 different users. I haven't been able to find anything similar between the users and none of them are reporting they are clicking Submit multiple times.
  2. Hi there, I need to create a trigger that sums different column values per user. I have multiple users on a table (below) and would like to on another table insert sum the number values of each a_user per column and insert it into another table as a combined history. ie user1: 106 | 60 | 73 user3: 96 | 45 | 71
  3. I'm creating an event management system and I need to be able to have our administrators make copies of events (not recurring, just duplicate the record in the events table - with a new unique ID of course). Does anyone know of a way I can insert a copy button as a link in a Tabular datapage or a Single Record Update datapage? Thanks so much! Clint
  4. I am trying to make it so a user cannot submit the same exact information twice. I have a data page that accepts a, Name, Country, State, and City and is added to a table. However you can resubmit the same info over and over again filling the table with redundant information. I thought about setting the table fields to Unique but that doesn't really do what I want. I need to be able to enter very similar data as different entries, but not allow identical data. So an entry of, Remote Diagnostics, USA, New Jersey, and Toms River, can not be entered twice but allow that entry and Remote Diagnostics, USA, Georgia, and Toms River. What I need is a Unique entry and not just a Unique field. I tried searching for this but was unable to find anything. If anyone has an answer or can link me to something I missed it would be much appreciated. Thank You
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