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Found 9 results

  1. I’m trying to create something similar to websites that has a link that automatically opens a mailing app and already has a to address. Is this possible with Caspio? I want it to appear at the bottom of my DataPage. Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a Calendar/Tasks table that stores a date for either an appointment or a task due date. I need to add a few functions and was hoping someone might have an idea of the best way to do this: 1) I need to add a Time selection for a calendar event. Meaning the user selects a date like normal (using the date picker) to put into a date/time field (the 'Event_Date' field in this case) but ALSO can select a time for the event (like a normal calendar like iCal or Google Cal). I know I can create a text field and use a lookup table for all the times (like 2pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm, 2:45p
  3. Is there a way to preview HTML email in trigger without enabling it and sending the email?
  4. Is it possible for automated emails to be sent encrypted? Although the site pages are encrypted, I am getting a warning on receipt of a Password Recovery email (via Gmail) that "Caspiomail.com did not encrypt this email".
  5. I'm going to try to be as clear as possible with this question by laying out the steps and the pieces I'm missing from this operation: 1. A user submits a bid request using the forms on a data page I have created. ( This page is built) 2. An email is generated to vendors (users) that have requested to be notified when a bid is placed. This email will contain some of the fields but not all of the fields from the datapage. (haven't figured out how to configure the submit button above) Thanks all. Becca
  6. hi, I need to change my email. How can I change it? If anyone know, let me know, please., xtrasize
  7. I'm in the brainstorming phase. Members of our staff would like to send emails out to our clients via their email application of choice-- like Outlook, etc. I have a table of 20-400 clients that includes email address information. Any ideas on how I can get those email addresses inside a "To:" field and send out an email? I'm open to exploring Caspio doing this for me but I understand that might not be possible due to inherent anti-spamming design. I'm also concerned with data usage in Caspio. Note: I have wondered about using Javascript to copy email to the system clipbo
  8. I am using the standard Password Reset datapage. The Email page requires a fixed 'from' email address to be used for all reset requests. I would like to be able to change this 'from' address according to the type of user requesting it. It looks as if Caspio used to allow this programmatically in earlier releases, but it does not appear possible now. Can anyone tell me if there is there still a way to do this?
  9. I am looking for a way to have employee data with a due date that is autopopulated, then it send an automatic notification 30 days before the due date. There doesn't seem to be a away to have auto emails send without interaction/modification with the data. I need it to run in the background without my assistance.
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