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Found 1 result

  1. I am new to using Caspio but am trying to figure out how to make the emails more conditional. It doesn't seem that there are options for different emails to be sent, based on criteria, per data page. We have a web form, and then we have a tracker for our team. The team can check off boxes as items on the setup checklist are completed. Ideally, I want a certain email to go to certain people when a certain checkbox is sent, and for that email to only go out when that checkbox is first checked. Not again just when other changes are made. I know how to do the one checkbox and autosubmit thing, where an email is only sent if a checkbox is selected, but then if I make other updates it will resend that email, and that doesn't work. And it doesn't seem to be able to do multiples in a row like: Submit Goes to Datapage, sends email if match Goes to next Datapage, sends email if match etc. It just goes to one and then that ends the chain So 1- any ideas? Other than creating separate data pages for the team to just update those checkboxes? Also- is there a way to disable checking a checkbox once it's been checked? This doesn't seem to be a rule option. Thank you!
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