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Found 4 results

  1. One of the first fields on my form needs to be unique (FieldA), and the form itself is rather long. If a user enters a value into FieldA that is not unique, they get an error message, but not until they try to submit the form. How can I have the the error message ("Value already present") appear as soon as the user clicks out of that field - using onblur in javascript, for example - rather than waiting until the user hits the submit button? I sought out information on the internet but have not found a suitable solution to this problem. I am trying to prevent users wasting time filling out the entire form so that they are alerted of the error immediately upon entering the non-unique value. Thanks so much for the help.
  2. When I try to import the attached xml file, I see the error message: "Invalid file. Your imported file content was not recognized." Is there a problem with the file format? Thank you - test10.xml
  3. Hi - I am trying to import an excel file into caspio and am getting the following error message Your imported file content was not recognized. Learn more about importing in Caspio. I have cleaned up the file, created a test file w/ only 100 entries from the original file I wanted to upload and tried the smaller file, and still unable to import the file. I cleaned the cache as that suggestion was included in a previous error message. Any suggestions appreciated. Molly
  4. Please help with following error when creating a Single Record Update Form "Your datapage must be authenticated or you must pass an identifying unique ID as a parameter. To update the record based on a unique ID parameter, be sure you have enabled Advanced Options and Parameters. " I have checked Advanced Options and Parameters boxes but I still get this message. Rey
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