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Found 5 results

  1. When I try to preview my Calendar DataPage, I am getting the following error: "System error. (Caspio Bridge error) (80004003)" I haven't been able to find any information on what this means. I copied this DataPage from a working DataPage and all I changed was Configure Fields for Calendar, but now, no matter how I change things, I keep getting the same error. My Configure Fields has been reduced to simply a header, which I didn't change and only has CSS in it, one list field, and an empty footer and still I'm getting that error. Can anyone point me to where the problem might be or what that error might mean?
  2. Hi - I am trying to import an excel file into caspio and am getting the following error message Your imported file content was not recognized. Learn more about importing in Caspio. I have cleaned up the file, created a test file w/ only 100 entries from the original file I wanted to upload and tried the smaller file, and still unable to import the file. I cleaned the cache as that suggestion was included in a previous error message. Any suggestions appreciated. Molly
  3. One of the first fields on my form needs to be unique (FieldA), and the form itself is rather long. If a user enters a value into FieldA that is not unique, they get an error message, but not until they try to submit the form. How can I have the the error message ("Value already present") appear as soon as the user clicks out of that field - using onblur in javascript, for example - rather than waiting until the user hits the submit button? I sought out information on the internet but have not found a suitable solution to this problem. I am trying to prevent users wasting time filling out the entire form so that they are alerted of the error immediately upon entering the non-unique value. Thanks so much for the help.
  4. When I try to import the attached xml file, I see the error message: "Invalid file. Your imported file content was not recognized." Is there a problem with the file format? Thank you - test10.xml
  5. Please help with following error when creating a Single Record Update Form "Your datapage must be authenticated or you must pass an identifying unique ID as a parameter. To update the record based on a unique ID parameter, be sure you have enabled Advanced Options and Parameters. " I have checked Advanced Options and Parameters boxes but I still get this message. Rey
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