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Found 6 results

  1. How can you tell if a field has dependencies?
  2. Hello, I have a submission form that requests users to select a value in a drop-down. I would like to use the selected value to look up an email address, based on this value, in a different table, and populate a virtual field with that email address. I would then like to use the value in that virtual field to send a submission notification. How can I achieve this? I cannot see how to load a parameter from another table based on the value of a field. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Julien
  3. Hi, I want to block from editing (display only) a field if the user has already entered the value. In my case, the user has to enter a tentative delivery date, that once entered, can't be changed. As far as I know: You can either enable/disable a field on the DataPage but that configuration is static. You can use conditional rules on the details page but when I try that, there's no option to block (disable from editing) the same field you use on the condition You can only use conditional rules on the details page and not on the results page. I need to apply it on
  4. I would like to be able to have the user select TIME OF DAY something occurred (H:M AM/PM) and have those selections populate a Time of Day field. Exactly like the calendar popup, but just time, date not needed really. Or concatenate Selection box 1 = Select Hour (1-12) Selection box 2 = select minutes (probably 5, 10, 5, ...00) Selection box 3 = Am or PM Result of the three choices populates the Time of Day box: ie 2:25 PM Surprised its just not an option in calendar....
  5. is it possible to change only one label or field result color? We have a comment field we would like to stand out if the comment is displayed.
  6. On my data page, my label and field are not lined up. Please see the below. I've played around with the padding under the layout section but I still cant figure it out. Thanks! Happy Holidays.
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