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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I would like to hide fields properly in the new responsive code. I've been enclosing fields via HTML Block via <table style="display:none"> Field1 Field2 </table> to hide my fields but with the new responsive feature enabled. It is not hiding the fields properly. Any thoughts/suggestions on this?
  2. I have a table field AGE set as an integer. I need the form to disallow alpha characters in that field when exiting that field. Cant get it to work. I still have submissions allowing "approx. 50" and I need to limit them to discrete numbers only. I added this script in footer, which helps, but its only on submit. Isnt the fact that the field type is INTEGER mean it wont accept letters by default? Can I use HTML5 to make it easy? <input type="number" name="quantity" min="1" max="5">
  3. Hi, I want to create custom messages on my reports that depends of the results. One of this messages change if the records of the reports are cero. How can i calculate this value and change the localization messages by my custome message?
  4. Hi - New Caspio user here...I have a database that was created in MS-Excel with records for research citations that I want others to be able to search. The original file has multiple keyword fields so that people could use drop-down boxes to select more than one keyword. In Excel, this was represented as three columns with headers Keyword 1, Keyword 2, and Keyword 3. Now in Caspio I really want just one search term - Keyword - that will look up the same value for any of the three keyword fields in the database. So...the search term for Keyword is "Resiliency" and Caspio searches the three data table fields Keyword 1, Keyword 2, and Keyword 3 and returns any record that has the term "Resliency" in ANY of the three keyword fields. Right now there are three keyword fields, one for each of the three keyword columns in the database. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  5. Hi, I have a trigger that has been functioning for well close to two months without issue. Suddenly, the trigger is failing to validate or push/delete information to the specified table. Upon review I'm now receiving this error message 2031 "Datasource field is invalid because it's name is absent" is a where clause. This is strange since no changes have been made to the trigger or the tables. The datasource fields are present which is why they are able to be selected. I tried to research the error but it seems to be general in nature. Also, the same datasource fields are being used in a where clause elsewhere in the same trigger without issue. Any direction that can be provided would be much appreciated. This is a MASTER trigger that provides the backbone of my application for all intensive purposes. Thanks, Bre
  6. Hi, I've reviewed the forums and have been able to successfully pass virtual field data into my Caspio tables using the '"Cascading drop-downs" JavaScript code method in the header and footer section of the form. It's working perfectly. I'm currently having an issue passing virtual field data into my Caspio table using a "Single Record" update form; which is required for my multi-step submission form . I modified the code for 'text field' (removing the [0]) since cascading drop-downs are not being used. The user will be entering data into the form directly. The code I'm using to 'get' the virtual text field value in the Header section of the single record update form is: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var x = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual1").value; document.getElementById("LandFillRate1_Field").value = x; var x = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual2").value; document.getElementById("LandFillRate2_Field").value = x; var x = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual3").value; document.getElementById("LandFillRate3_Field").value = x; var x = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual4").value; document.getElementById("LandFillRate4_Field").value = x; var x = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual5").value; document.getElementById("LandFillRate5_Field").value = x; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> The code I'm using to insertrecord into the table in the Footer Section of the single record update form is as follows: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordLandFillRate1").value = x; var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordLandFillRate2").value = x; var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual3").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordLandFillRate3").value = x; var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual4").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordLandFillRate4").value = x; var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual5").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordLandFillRate5").value = x; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> Unsure if my getElement should be by Name or ID; and if it differs between the header and footer scripts. The examples for the footer script show ID and the header shows name. I'm officially confused. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance provided. I checked the script using the F12 function in the console and everything looks good but still no data showing in the table. Thanks, Bre
  7. I recently created a relatively simple database of names and locations. I have noticed that if you leave the fields blank and hit the search button, the entire database displays, which is not desirable. As far as I can tell, the only way to prevent this is to put minimum character requirements in the fields. This is okay but I was wondering if there's another solution I overlooked. Thanks for your help!
  8. I have an issue where displaying the logo is limiting the design of a particular page. In the image below, I would like to have the logo displayed just under the second column "Public Profile" but at the top. If i move it there, the fields "legal name" "EIN" and "federation" are shifted to align with the next row below the logo field, so the extra space you currently at the bottom appears at the top. I believe this is due to the cell spacing and the fact that the logo is in one row, thus I cannot have multiple fields in that same row on the left column. Is there a way to have the logo at the top but not shift the left side column at all? I hope this made sense.
  9. I have lots of images. They are uploaded and in a folder, but how is Caspio making it easier to maintain the images? It just dumps everything into the same folders without allowing to tag or id the image or file. I have 180 locations. Each location can upload several images and those can change. The Datapage uploads the image and holds it in the current table, but when new images are uploaded, the old sit in the file folder with no identification. If I'm using another Datapage to select available images from, I can either upload or choose from a folder, but everything gets dumped into the list. I only want available photos in my dropdown to be for that specific location. With Caspio getting more money for data charges for images, I would think there would be a great and easy way to manage images and tag them with more fields and then search and select based on those fields and not just the folder it is dumped into. Couldn't find any documentation on this. Ideas or suggestion on what you have done to manage photos...
  10. I have a report data page that lists all customers and purchase orders through a left outer join view that shows ALL Customers and Purchase Orders, regardless of the whether the PONum field is blank or contains a PO Number. How can I label the blank fields to show something like "No Orders " instead of a blank field. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi all - I've created numerous datapages but for some reason when I deploy them a few of the fields randomly don't work. At first I thought I had made an error when developing them but when I preview them in Caspio they work fine. I double-checked my styling on my webpages and all seems ok, but the odd thing is on some datapages some of the top fields and bottom fields work, but some of the middle ones don't (I can tab to the field but can't enter anything, or if it's a drop-down box I can't select anything). The submit or search buttons also randomly don't work. I've re-deployed a few times but I've noticed no changes. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't have any other fancy scripts on my pages so it's baffling me why only some of the fields aren't responsive. None of the pages in question use any views so the fields should be editable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Good afternoon, I am attempting to use the Javascript posted in the solutions to combine fields. In my case I have three fields I am looking to combine. Employee_First_Name, Employee_Last_Name, and Employee_ID. The ideal formatting of this would be Lastname, Firstname - EmployeeID (For Example Smith, John - 111111) Here is the script I have that is not currently combining the fields let alone getting into the details of formatting. This is being deployed in a submission datapage. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var Employee_First_Name = document.getElementById("InsertRecordEmployee_First_Name").value; var Employee_Last_Name = document.getElementById("InsertRecordEmployee_Last_Name").value; var Employee_ID = document.getElementById("InsertRecordEmployee_ID").value; var Employee_Selector = Employee_Last_Name + Employee_First_Name + Employee_ID; document.getElementById("InsertRecordEmployee_Selector").value = Employee_Selector; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> Thank you for your time!
  13. Hi, I would like certain fields from a details page to show up in the browser's tabs at the top of each browser window. Currently these tabs only display the title of the webpage, I believe this is standard. I would like to replace the page title with certain fields from a details page. My users like to work on several customers accounts at once so they want to be able to quickly find the browser tab associated with each customer. ie. right now the tab text for this caspio forum window is "Posting New Topic - Caspio.." Thanks.
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