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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am having problems wrapping my head around nesting a forEach method within a .map .filter method. I have two arrays.. buttons: that contains key value pairs of button display statuses. eleColor: contains values that will be filtered through "buttons.disp" key values. I am using .map.filter methods to create a new array. When I assign the "disp" value statically all works and the new array is created. But when I try to iterate through eleColor for the parameter the code fails. Any recommendations on correct syntax or a better method to filter values from a different array is greatly appreciated. To make my objective clearer, I have included my code with explanation comments below. Thank you in advance for any and all comments/sugesstions on completing my objective. Jim //button objects array var buttons = [ { eleId: "btnStop1", disp: "red", stat: "on" }, { eleId: "btnStop0", disp: "red", stat: "off" }, { eleId: "btnGo1", disp: "green", stat: "on" }, { eleId: "btnGo0", disp: "green", stat: "off" } ]; //display color array var eleColor = ["red", "green"]; //create eleBtn array using the value of "red" filtered through "buttons" // this works filterring all disp: keys with the value of red.. eleBtn = buttons.map(e => e).filter(e => e.disp === "red"); console.log("eleBtn array ", eleBtn); // returns eleBtn array (2) [{…}, {…}] // 0:{eleId: "btnUnassigned1", disp: "red", stat: "on"} // 1:{eleId: "btnUnassigned0", disp: "red", stat: "off"} // length:2 //create eleButton array from "eleColor" filtered through "buttons" // but incorrect when eleColor array is iterated through forEach eleButton = buttons.map(e => e).filter(e => e.disp === (eleColor.forEach(ele => {ele}))); console.log("eleButton", eleButton); // how do I correctly iterate through each item in "eleColor", // so all red and green "disp" values are assigned to the "eleButton" array?
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