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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! I have created a basic table with some basic data, then I created a data page with some filter and grid edit capability, and then the following happened: I used the filter and got some data that I wanted to modify. I switched to grid edit mode, then made modifications on a record, I have modified the data that I used to filter by. Then I clicked out from this row, It saved it successfully. It was still in the grid edit list, even though it no longer met the filter criteria. But I clicked back to this row, to make one more modification on a data, but when I tried to click out to save, it threw this error: No record found. 1. Filter by Search flag: 2: Modified and saved the Test row Search Flag to No (Note: Filtered by search flag to be marked): 3. Clicked back to the second row to modify the Name too. I tried to rename Test to Test1 4. When I tried to save (with clicking out) I have got the error above. Is there any workaround to this problem? Well it looks like a bug to me, and already reported this. But maybe somebody have a trick to this.
  2. I am able to get the cascading dropdowns to work in the details page for first selecting state, then county. However, I am having difficulty making it work in the grid edit mode of my tabular report. Since going through some of the Caspio HowTo documentation, I made my County table into more of a cascading table format that includes columns for both state and county. (I also have a separate table with the list of states in case I need to go back to distinct County and State lookup tables.) When a user selects a county, there is an implied state with it from the County table. My goal is to have the user be able to select the state first in my Facilities tabular report, then select the county as a cascading dropdown filtered on the state value. (Sometimes the state is known when a new facility record is added, but the county not until later.) When I try to implement cascading dropdowns in the grid edit page, there is no option to select the county name as the display value. The column "CountyId" in the Facility table is an integer number data type that stores the autonumber Id from the linked County table. I would appreciate anyone's suggestions! Screenshot included.
  3. I have a field that is set to truncate at 50 characters but when I enter grid edit it no longer truncates. Caspio support told me this is the expected result. Anyone know of work-arounds for this?
  4. When I open my report I want Grid edit to be the same size as my report and also I want the report to be in Grid edit mode by default. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I need a total, based on the number of records which have the "Selected" checkbox set to true/checked. The calculated value will be displayed in the header of the form which is only shown to the user in GridEdit mode. At the moment the total is static so when the user checks/unchecks the value in the "Selected" column then the total is not changing. I have created three calculated fields to try and solve the issue but have a number of problems as follows: ChkSelected field - this is a SQL query to count the number of records which have "Selected" checked. Total value is correct but it is not changing when the user checks/unchecks records in GridEdit mode. Total Selected field - this is case statement to show if each record has "Selected" checked or not. The value is correct but when I display it in my header (via field selector) then it only shows the value for one record. Aggregate field - this sum Total Selected and is set to display above the data but it is not appearing. I'm not sure if that is because I am using a GridEdit form or due to another reason. I have attached two documents to show what is currently happening. Document 1 - this shows the datapage when it is loaded. The ChkSelected total is correct and the value for Total Selected is correct for each record. The Aggregate field is not showing Document 2 - this is after checking a record (and navigating to another record to force the update in GridEdit). The ChkSelected in the table is correct for the updated row but the total in the Header has not changed. The Total Selected value for the updated record is correct. I would like the ChkSelected total shown in the header to be recalculated & updated when the user checks/unchecks the "Selected" checkbox. I suspect I will need JavaScript fired when the checkbox state changes but I don't know how to "force" the SQL field to recalculate. This would then allow me to have additional checks/formatting based on the total of ChkSelected as I don't believe that "aggregated" fields can be used for this purpose as they do not have IDs (when you inspect the page). I would appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve the issue. TIA, Craig
  6. Hi, I need a tabular report datapage to open in Grid Edit mode on the initial load/rendering of the datapage as the users will be working with a lot of yes/no fields via checkboxes. I thought that only ticking "grid edit" on the datapage setup would achieve this but the list view is used by default and no edits are possible in this mode. Checkboxes also show as values yes/no instead of an actual checkbox. In-line edit means multiple clicks when the user just needs to select/deselect a number of checkboxes. I have been able to force my datapage to switch from in-line to grid edit mode (per the Grid Edit by Default post on August 15th, 2016) but the problem I have is that the datapage is first displayed in list mode mode and then the datapage refreshes (when the script kicks in) to change to grid edit mode which is a very poor user experience & doesn't look very good. You can see in the script that it is emulating a "click" of the grid edit link as opposed to opening the datapage directly into grid edit mode. I can reduce the delay from 500 milliseconds but you still see the list mode open and then change to grid edit mode. I would therefore like to find out if... Is there a way that the datapage can be immediately shown/rendered as a grid edit datapage instead of switching after the initial load? (either via datapage settings or javascript) Is there a way to disable/hide the Grid Edit/Exit Grid Edit link that shows by default? i.e. the user would only ever see the grid edit format for this datapage Would be happy with any methods that provide a clean user experience where the datapage is already set to grid edit mode when they see it. TIA, Craig
  7. I've enabled editing functionality for a search results page. When attempting the edit, the editing options are underneath the header row, making the editing options hard to see (see attached image). In Chrome I can inspect the editing options window, adjusting its z-index from 100 to an arbritary 1200 and that brings the editing options window forward to the front. However, I can't figure how to adjust this in Caspio. In my Caspio style source, I've experimented with the below z-index adjustment, but it hasn't worked: { /*Results Page Grid Edit Action Container Attributes*/ text-align: left; vertical-align: middle; padding: 0px 3px 0px 3px; white-space: nowrap; margin: 0px; border: none; width: auto; z-index: 1200; }
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