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Found 2 results

  1. I just started using Caspio this week. I have a simple database project that I would like to share only with specific google users. I have successfully created a Tabular DataPage Report that is configured on the Access and Security section to Restrict Access by Requiring a Connection. The connection is successfully configured to use only Google ID Services. When I do this, any authenticated google/gmail account can be logged into my DataPage. That part works. Ultimately, I would like to restrict the access to only specific google accounts. I can't seem to find any documentation on how to get that to work. I have tried to instead create a new Authentication. One that is configured with a Setup option of "Custom" and a User Validation Method of "ID Services Only". Then I enabled only Google ID Services, and selected by Authentication Data Source (table) to use the "social login field" of Username (as well as entering the same Client ID & Client Secret that worked in the Connection I created). But I cannot log in to the database with any of the accounts I added to the Authentication Data Source. and I've edited the DataPage's Access and Security to use this new Authentication (rather than the Connection). But when I try to authenticate, the Google login screen appears, and it accepts my passwords, but just returns me to the Caspio login page with the message "Unknown user. Contact the app administrator for assistance." at the top. So my suspicion is that something's wrong with the record data in the authentication table I'm using as the data source. It has only four fields: Username Text(255) Password Password Email Text (255) Name Text (255) For example, say I have an account with the email of bill.smith@gmail.com I am using the Username field as the Authentications "Social login field" and I've tried populating that field with all the variations I can think of: "bill.smith", "billsmith", "billsmith.gmail.com", "billsmith@gmail.com" but no matter what that contents, I still continue to get the "Unknown user. Contact the app administrator for assistance." message, after logging in successfully to that account. The Google ID Services seems to be working, but the the Caspio Authentication part doesn't. So I'm stuck. Any ideas how to make this work?
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