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Found 2 results

  1. On a search result page, I want to show a button to open up a submission form, when there are no records found for the selection criteria and I want to align that button to the right of the form. The tabular results are shown under the search boxes. I have attached two pictures that show the current and desired situation for either Records Found and No Records Found
  2. On a claims list results table, I have inserted an HTML field next to a text datafield [@Claim_Status]. The [@Claim_Status] displays the status of the claim record; and the claim record has a unique identifier [@Claim_ID]. I want the HTML field to display a hyperlinked text ("Complete Claim") if [@Claim_Status] equal "pending". If the status does not equal "pending", then show nothing at all. The link will open a new webpage to a datapage and receive a parameter [@Claim_ID] to pull up the claim so that the end user can complete the claim. What is the conditional script for this?
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