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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Caspians, I'd like to have a report with a link in the HTML block. But when i mouse over the link, I'd like to view Image related to the Field. Is it possible? Michelle
  2. I'd like for file paths in my tabular report to be translated as links so that I can click them and see the related file. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Can we set the time out on a password reset link from password recovery forms?
  4. Hi, I am updating an html block in a datapage form. I tried using this code and tested that the logic works with regular text. But whenever it tries to write the hyperlink, it displays nothing instead. Thanks for any help. <script language="javascript"> var samp='[@field:Table_Sample]'; if (samp.length>0) {var str = "New Record"; var result = str.link("https://www.sample.com");} else {samp = "Update Record" document.write(samp);} </script>
  5. Hello! I'm using Caspio's "File" Data Type? and I'd like to dynamically link to the uploaded files. Is there a way to find a "friendly" link for the files uploaded using the Caspio "File" Data Type? By "friendly" I mean the FileName and/or FilePath is visible? Rather than unfriendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&fileID=123 Friendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&filePath=[filePath]/[fileName] Thanks
  6. I have a dropdown which based on selections there has to be a link to show details about that selection. Any idea of how to do that??
  7. Greetings, I need to be able to hyperlink back to a search result but find the URL results disappear by the next day - instead taking me back to the search form. In other words, I perform a search, the result comes up and I copy the URL of the result hyperlink it from another webpage. But when clicking on the saved URL the following day, it takes me back to the search form, not the previous result URL that was hyperlinked. Hope I'm making that too confusing I can't seem to find what I'm overlooking to overcome this. Thanks
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