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Found 5 results

  1. Can we set the time out on a password reset link from password recovery forms?
  2. Hi, I am updating an html block in a datapage form. I tried using this code and tested that the logic works with regular text. But whenever it tries to write the hyperlink, it displays nothing instead. Thanks for any help. <script language="javascript"> var samp='[@field:Table_Sample]'; if (samp.length>0) {var str = "New Record"; var result = str.link("https://www.sample.com");} else {samp = "Update Record" document.write(samp);} </script>
  3. Hello! I'm using Caspio's "File" Data Type? and I'd like to dynamically link to the uploaded files. Is there a way to find a "friendly" link for the files uploaded using the Caspio "File" Data Type? By "friendly" I mean the FileName and/or FilePath is visible? Rather than unfriendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&fileID=123 Friendly: https://bx.caspio.com/dpImages.aspx?appkey=xxx&filePath=[filePath]/[fileName] Thanks
  4. Hi Caspians, I'd like to have a report with a link in the HTML block. But when i mouse over the link, I'd like to view Image related to the Field. Is it possible? Michelle
  5. I have a dropdown which based on selections there has to be a link to show details about that selection. Any idea of how to do that??
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