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Found 8 results

  1. I'd like to make the format of my list report look nicer, how can I do this? Specifically, I'd like to be able to highlight every other row of data (not data cell) and align the labels and the data so that they are directly underneath each other. Edit: Additionally, it would be nice if I could have conditional formatting on the data so that if it is below the goal, the text turns red and if it's at or above the goal the text turns green. The data cells are using calculated fields. Is there a way I can do this conditional formatting in an HTML block that references the calculated field?
  2. I am in need of using a list - string in authentication. I would like to have a list field with "roles", and when a datapage loads, I access the values through the authentication fields. It could equate to a comma separated string, then I would just compare to see if the role is contained in the string. The List - String datatypes currently do not show up, but is there a way around this? Maybe by using a formula field to create our own string from the List datatype? Currently, I have each role as a Yes/No column, but it is getting pretty hectic with many roles. I would like to limit it to a few columns if possible. Has anyone encountered this yet? Thanks, Josh
  3. Hello, Just got the free trial to play with to see if this will do everything I need. I've been looking around and I cant see how to create a data field that's just a basic drop down selection. I have tried looking for options around List -String but I can only get this to allow multiple options from a list. I want to be able to select one and only one option from a dropdown list of options. Can anyone explain how to do this? Thanks,
  4. Hello, I would like to use HTML blocks to organize my fields on a list report embedded in a Wordpress site: http://dev-saveplants.pantheonsite.io/national-collection/plant-search/plant-profile/?CPCNum=3 I would like to reduce the space between the HTML blocks and the data fields (see the words "nomenclature" and "Conservation Status" in top section under "Plant Profile"). I have tried to create a custom Caspio Style with altered the padding and margins, but I am unsure exactly what layout parameters I should be changing, and I also wonder if my wordpress theme might overwrite these changes. Any advice you have for a novice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have a search form with a multi-select list box and wonder if it possible to adjust the height of the list box? I'd like to avoid having to have the user scroll down to see all the list box options.
  6. I just watched the video How to Create Multiselect Dropdowns in Caspio. The video introduces several new data types: List - String List - Number List - Data I've created a new table to try these new types out but do not see any of them as data type options. Should I be seeing these new data types now, or is this scheduled to be included in an upcoming release perhaps?
  7. Hello all! I have a table in which I need to list the citizenship requirements for particular jobs/grants. I wanted to do a drop down list in which someone could select US Citizen and all opportunities available to US Citizens would be available. The issue, however, is that some grants are open to US Citizens, Nationals, and Permanent Residents. As all this information is listed in the table under "Citizenship," it lists the following in the drop box: US Citizen US Citizen Permanent Resident US Citizen Permanent Resident Foreign National No Requirements How can I fix this? I thought about giving each its own column, but that didn't seem to work, as I'd then have to have multiple drop downs.
  8. I have a multi-select listbox thanks to this article. The only issue is I need these items separated by ";" instead of ",". Here is the code with the changes I have made: <script type="text/javascript"> var v_state = "[@field:Reason_for_Cancelltaion]" ; var o_state = document.getElementById("EditRecordReason_for_Cancelltaion") ; o_state.multiple = true ; function f_listbox() { if ( v_state.indexOf(";") > 0 ) { for (var i=0 ; i < o_state.options.length; i++ ) { if(o_state[i].value == v_state) { o_state.remove(i); break ; } } var o_st = v_state.split("; ") ; for (var j=0 ; j < o_st.length; j++) { for (var i=0 ; i < o_state.options.length; i++ ) { if(o_st[j]== o_state.options[i].value){ o_state.options[i].selected = true ; break ; } } } } } window.onload = f_listbox ; </script> Even though I have replaced the character it still separates by commas! Otherwise this functions as intended and I have even paired it with some jquery in order to remove the condition of holding down the control key for multiple selections. Any and all help is much appreciated!
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