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Found 1 result

  1. I wonder if some of our submission forms fail to load ocassionally. I see this happening when I look Google Ads account and see there examples of starting pages that are served to ad clickers. Since I recognised this I have tried to locate this insident with Crossbrowser testing and browserstack screenshots and live tests but it wont appear. Once though I caught myself a situation where datapage did not load and I refreshed and refreshed but it failed to load. When I cleaned the page cache it finally loaded. Do any of you guys know what is going on here? Is this really happening and perhaps why it does happen. Since the update to 13.0 we have had AJAX disabled. After I spotted this issue I enabled load AJAX feature from datapage settings but that did not seem to do any difference. According to search console with various browsers there are no errors on these pages. I have included a screenshot from our ads account to show you guys how this suspicious situation really looks like. If it is happening it is really unfortunate because we pay for the traffick to these landing pages and then sign up form is totally missing. Thank you for reding this and would appreciate your comments.
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