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Found 2 results

  1. I have a tabular report containing afield that has a lookup table associated with it (1 to many relationship). How do I do a search in the table for rows that have a value that is contained in a lookup table. E.g.I have lookup table of Department ID & Department name. In my tabular report of employees with Employee ID, Employee Name, Department ID (each employee belongs to a particular department) I want to search for Employees belonging to a department, using the department name rather than Department ID. And I want the search to be able to use "Contains" e.g. bring up all Employees with "Admin" in the Department name, as there are a number of Departments with "Admin" as part of their name. e.g. Postal Admin, Finance Admin. Apologies if it's a rookie question !
  2. I have a lookup table that lists several (around 20) items to check off in a to-do list where the table is named “todo†with fields setup as todo_Num (integer), todo_Item(integer) todo_Desc(text) and todo_Cat(text). I also have a “todo_complete†table with the fields of Comp_Num (integer), todo_num(integer), Fin(checkbox) and Explain(text). I have been able to setup a submission form with virtual1 field displaying the todo Descriptions in a dropdown with 2virt fields cascading the todo_Num and todo_Item, from todo_desc then linking to the todo_complete table. Unfortunately the dropdown and listbox do not display the desired user experience. I would like to list all todo items displayed as a check-off list. Where after checking an item on the list, the user can fill out an explanation of actions taken and that the item has been repaired. I have been able to show the full todo table rows in a report form (much cleaner) but am unable to pass the [@todo_Item] (and/or the other parameters) to the "todo_Comp" table submit form in an Iframe. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I had originally used the example as shown in the "Build an Inspections Management Application" http://howto.caspio.com/pre-recorded-live-training/build-an-inspections-management-application/ unfortunately Neds solution does not allow the option of adding tasks to the list without going into the Inspections table and creating new fields for that task. I also believe this structure would fail normalization in my situation, with multiple fields being dependent of others in the table. (for example the fields.. todo_Item, Number_of_Light_Bulbs_Broken and Action_Taken would be associated with each other). Much cleaner to hold the results in a separate "todo_complete" table.
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