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Found 6 results

  1. Watusi

    Summary Lookup

    I got this dialog box in one of my Report DataPage. I have a dropdown in my search where I used a lookup table as a source. Right now, I just close this dialog box as I am not sure if I should confirm. Also, cannot remember when the pre-existing got generated. I cannot find any documentation about this in Caspio's online help center. Anyone who encountered this also?
  2. I am using a Tabular Report to view data, and update some fields. There is a field I want to use as a unique key to a lookup table and display the description from the lookup. For example, I have rows of data regarding trees. For field tree_name e.g. "Oak Tree" I want to display the Latin Name which would be contained in the lookup table "trees_and_latin_names" with key of tree_name (and another field with the Latin Name in it) . Having solved this, if there is no value in the Tabular Report, I'd like the user to be able to type in their own value, this being written to their own data (not
  3. Sharing this in case you need to show the text instead of ID value in report datapage. Steps: 1) Make sure you have a table that has your lookup values 2) Add a Calculated Field in your Tabular Report DataPage and insert the code below SELECT LookUpTableDisplayText FROM LookUpTable where LookUpTableIDvalue='[@field:IDFieldInDataPage]' 3) If you want to hide the ID column, you can use the steps below.
  4. Is it possible to have validated dropdown options when entering data into a table? I know how to do this in a datapage, but I would like to provide a similar option for internal users who have access to data on the back end.
  5. Is there a way to display multiple fields in a Lookup? My DataPage adds records to an Activity Log. Some activities are related to a record in the Students table, some are not. I would like to have a Lookup Table for the Student_ID field that displays First_Name and Last_Name from the Students table, but the value for the field is Student_ID. The field can also be left blank.
  6. I have a table "Product"; Product_id (autonumber) Product_name (text) Product_valid (yes/now) I an different table, i have a lookup Field to table "Product" I only want the user to be able to select records where I have marked "yes" in the checkbox? Do I have to create a own view, or is it at better way?
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