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Found 6 results

  1. I am using the map mash up to display the locations of different ports using there coordinates but the markers are showing the wrong locations. For example, Houston in american is 95.02 W 29.61 N but the marker is being placed in the middle of China? Any suggestions would help Thanks, Shannon
  2. I've added a map to my datapage, but when it displays the script that was added to the html block displays on the data record and the map does not function. Is there a step I missed in the map mashup instructions? I gone through it several times with the same results.
  3. I am trying to use the Map Mashup to display addresses, everything works fine with latitude and longitude set up except that no matter what zoom option I choose, if I use AutoZoom, the map displays as all the way zoomed in. If I don't use autozoom the zoom settings work but because my addresses are all over the state I can't set the homePosition to always be displaying the map marker. Is there a way to use the Latitude and Longitude feature but also have it only autozoom to around 14 or 15 as opposed to 20? If not is there a way to change my homePosition relative to where the marker is plotted? Thanks for taking a look!!
  4. Hi, I have a table with the address, city, state and zip code in separate columns. The zip code datatype is set to number. What do I need to set/add to my datapage to get zip codes that start with zero to display correctly on map? See project here - http://php.delawareonline.com/advertising/automotive/details.php?Dealer_Name=Pointe%20Buick%20GMC Thanks in advance!
  5. For some reason when I goto the the Map Mashup Tool v7, (Lib.caspio.com/MapMashup) I can no longer select any pages from the DataPages(s) drop down menu in the second step of the configuration tool. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Without being able to select the datapage, the tool is essentially broken. Help please. Did I miss a step somewhere? Philip Isaacs
  6. I want to use x, y coordinates in my map mashup. But I can not see the markers. The map is on my website, but no markers are on it. I have done all the instructions on the website. In my table de x, y coordinates are type "number". In my datapage number is defined as recommended. This is an example of my coordinates: 520973.888 677218.1328 What do I wrong? Regards Heleen
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