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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm testing out Caspio's Knowledge Base Application. I have the HTML Files, but I can't find the Navigation Menu code so I can change, and play with it? I've checked each HTML Files and it's not there? Where do I find this?
  2. Hello, I have a Details datapage set up so when Update is clicked it goes to the next record. I need to figure out how to create a custom button (to put in either the Footer or an HTML block) to go to the Next Record (and a button for Previous, as well) so that the user can cycle through without clicking Update. The standard record navigation arrows at the bottom will not work for UI reasons (I need to make the custom 'Next Record' button relabeled and hidden in various scenarios). Does anyone know how to create a custom button for Next Record? As well, I also need to know how to hide that button (if it's in its own Section in an HTML block) when the Details form is at the 'last record' of the series (because there will be no 'Next Record' at that point). Any help would be greatly appreciated-
  3. Hello All, I'm new to Caspio so forgive me if this is a stupid question but I can't find a straightforward answer anywhere on the site. How do you provide basic navigation for an app, for the end user? I mean like standard web page 'left sidebar' buttons and 'top menu' menu selections to go to various datapages created in Caspio. Is this something one must do in their own html or Wordpress pages? I hope not because I was trying to use Caspio so as not to have to hire out for or learn html or javascript. I do know Visual Basic and am converting my Access app to a cloud app but the learning curve for html or javascript is a lot (for a guy also running the business side of things). If there's some kind of guide to providing navigation for an app I'd much appreciate the link- thanks in advance!
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