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Found 4 results

  1. Am I able to collection payment verification from paypal automatically?
  2. I've found a number of sort of related posts on this but nothing exact that I need. I have a tablular datapage with an internal Details page option that sends an Acknowledgement email for Update/Insert records. Works well except I need the user to be able to 'choose' whether to send the acknowledgement (or notification) email by checking a virtual field (check box). This is so an email doesn't go out every single time there's an edit- it only needs to go out when the users decides to by checking the virtual field. I'd like to possibly be able to use something like this on: -and Inline Insert of a tabular datapage (though I don't think it could be virtual field then, perhaps I could put a check box in the data source table) -a Bulk Edit popup But the Details form of a tabular datapage is the first place I need to start. This seems like it should be a standard feature of CB because email notifications shouldn't go out every time an edit is made unless desired. Any help on this would be great- thanks.
  3. Hey there! I have a web form that does not require an answer for every single question being asked. When I receive the Email Notification, the area where the questions that were not answered are obviously blank. I was wondering if there is a way that I can have the Caspio system automatically fill-in these questions that do not have answers with a default value such as, "NA?" Note: Most of my questions are configured to be either checkbox, text fields or dropdowns. Please let me know if you need more information to answer this inquiry. Thank you so much in advance for your assistance. Warmest regards, Michelle
  4. The web submission form I created uses both the acknowledgement email and the notification email. I would like the notification email to go to different emails based on where the submission originates. I tried putting a field name in the "to" box, but caspio won't accept it. This is what I'd like to happen: teacher A is from school district 1 and submits a lesson request. The acknowledgement email goes to the teacher and the notification email to the coordinator in district 1 teacher B is from school district 2 and submits a lesson request. The ack. email goes to the teacher and the notification email goes to the coordinator in district 2 Is this possible? Thanks
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