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Found 2 results

  1. I’m fairly new to this and am having difficulty adjusting my stylesheet to show results in a certain way. Not sure where i have to go to edit the relevant items. I’m trying to: Delete all borders around any cells or tables. Set Label text width to a fixed amount. Set the width of data fields to a certain width, and allow wrapping of text. Change the padding on data cells results. Screenshots of before and after attached.
  2. Is there a way to reduce or remove the padding between sections in a datapage (Details datapage)? I looked into Styles but couldn't find anything for Sections. I have to use a Section to show/hide (using Rules) a button (that's in an html block in the Section) at the top of the datapage (there's a lot of fields in a complicated table layout and I can't show/hide a section within that table because when hidden the entire table/datapage disappears- so I put a section at the very top, above the table's beginning). Problem is there's a lot of whitespace between the top Section and the next Section where the table starts. Like 150 px of whitespace. I can't figure out how to adjust it and I really need to remove that whitespace because there's a lot of data to show and it gets pushed down too far. Any help would be appreciated.
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