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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to add a percentage symbol in the Y-axis values of my Column Chart DataPage using the Formatting feature. They are displaying as percentage, however, all the values are being changed. I just want to add a percentage symbol and retain the values as is. Can someone help with this?
  2. Hi Caspians. I need some help with a script. I have a Submission Form with 3 fields that will count evaluation of service in percents. I have created a virtual Field that says how many percents left, since Sum of 3 Field should be equal 100% and if Sum is bigger than 100% I want to show warning message. Is it possible ? Any help will be appreciated. Michelle.
  3. Hello; I am working with a report and aggregate functions. I am trying to get a percentage toward a goal. ((COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) Should result in a percentage for completed QuotesFinished to QuotesFinishedPerWeekGoal, but it results in zero. For diagnostic purposes I've checked the following formulas... COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT] = 2 (correct) (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) = 10 (correct) ((MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek]) / (COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT])) = 500.00% (correct) ((COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) = 0.00% (incorrect) Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong? Thank You!
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