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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. I need to pass an autovalue parameter into a pop-up window. I'm using a multi-page submission form. The second page of the form has the pop-up html block to capture the autonumber (ProjectID) generated on the parent form. My autonumber field is "ProjectID." I can view the 'Project ID' on the second page of the form; it will not however pass into the pop-up window. This is the code that I have and it's only working for new information entered. The autonumber "Project ID" field that I'd like to pass into the pop-up window is not working. All new data is going to the table except the "Project ID." Code being used is as follows: <a class="cbMenuItem"href="#" onclick="window.open(&quot;http://www.TTTest.com/brokerlookuptest.html?ProjectID=[@InsertRecordProjectID]&quot;,&quot;mywindow&quot;, &quot;menubar=1,resizable=1,width=500,height=500&quot;)">ADD BROKER</a> | Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've read up on parameters, query strings, pop-up windows, and used the Caspio Link Menu generator for the code. I'm thinking that something is still off with the syntax as it relates to the parameter be passed. Thanks! Bre
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