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Found 7 results

  1. Hopefully someone can look at this particular scenario and show how to open the popup in modal with an overlay background. A couple issues: I cannot use an iframe for the popup content (passing parameters to a Caspio datapage, which doesn't work smoothly via iframe). Nor can I use a div for the content (because it's an entirely different datapage) that's in the same datapage as the button that creates the popup. So I need to open an entirely new url in a window, as a popup. The new url (web page) will have a datapage embedded. The code below does this fine but I also need it to
  2. Hello, I have a button that opens a popup form that has a submission datapage in it. Often the user will minimize the popup because they leave the submission form open for up to a few hours (it's a timer, with a Start and a Finish time- they click 'Start' and don't submit till they later click 'Finish.' The problem is if the popup is already open the button's code reactivates it, and also refreshes the submission datapage, losing the values that were first put in it. I need to adjust the code so that if the user click sthe button again it needs to a) check to see if the popup is alr
  3. I am following this tech tip and was able to make it work except for the part where the original form should be refreshed so the dropdown item will be visible to the user who submitted it. I used the script in the tech tip and have already disabled the HTML editor.
  4. I have a button next to a small field listbox on a search submission form, that opens a popup. The popup contains a much larger listbox of the same field so that Users can find it easier to view and locate their item for selection. The same 'load' and 'exit' internal parameter passes between the form and the popup, because I need any selection made in the form to show in the popup, and I also need any changed selection in the popup to pass back into the listbox on the form when the popup is closed. I've managed to get a selected item on the popup to pass through to the listbox in the sub
  5. I have used the forum to get to this point so you may have seen some of my code that I grabbed from other posts. I have a single record update form, where I only want them to be able to select the update button if all of the fields are marked as 'complete'. It should be known that all of the 'complete' or 'missing data' fields are formulas in the table, however, I am referencing virtual fields in my code that are set to the formula fields. The url to my form is here: https://c5amf675.caspio.com/dp/32576000f879393a309d4a97b1bd My code for checking the virtual field values is here:
  6. Hi, It would be really great to successfully publish datapages in modal blocks (dialog box / popup windows). While experiencing some success at displaying datapages in modals, I can see there are some problems: 1. The entire page refreshes on loading the modal for the first time. Not really a show stopper but something to be mindful of because you see a blank white moment during reload. 2. In a web form datapage, if field validation on submission fails, the page does not return to the modal even when configured to do so via a modal url link. (the popup disappears). 3. Jav
  7. I've modified a Submit form datapage (accessed as a popup in a Fancy Box from a Tabular datapage) that normally closes and refreshes it's parent page (the tabular datapage). This is the code in the Destination section of the Submission datapage: <script> setTimeout(function(){ window.parent.location.reload();window.parent.jQuery.fancybox.close();}, 2000); </script> On the new Submit datapage I need it to go to a defined url (with parameters passed) but cannot get the code to work. I'm using: setTimeout(function(){ window.parent.location.href='../my-webpage?PID=[@fi
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