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Found 3 results

  1. I have a calculated field in my datapage to find the biggest "Clean_Serial_Number" under a particular Job_ID. There are many serial numbers under each job so I want it to find the max serial number under JUST that job. Right now, this field is just displaying the max "Clean_Serial_Number" from all the data, not just from the Job_ID. SELECT MAX(Clean_Serial_Number) FROM tbl_ggl_job_lines WHERE Job_ID = [@field:Job_ID] What am I doing wrong?
  2. I'm trying to use SOAP SelectDataRaw call to query my table and I want to use "LIKE" in the criteria section but I'm not able to. Criteria would be similar to: Name LIKE 'jame' to get result "James" (where yes, James is in the table). I've tried: Name LIKE 'jame' Name LIKE '*jame*' Name LIKE *jame* How do I query the table to return results where only a portion of the field need be identified???
  3. Hello, I'm new to Caspio and trying to figure out if/how it might do what I need to create a version of my Access app online. Not using VB code or creating regular queries is a bit confusing to me so I was hoping that if I put a specific scenario up in the forum someone might explain if/how to do it here. This would help me extrapolate to other scenarios in Caspio. I have a table for 'Invoices' that uses a field called 'Invoice Display' to show the invoice number. This isn't the unique 'primary key' (InvoiceID) used in relationships and linking. It's just an editable text field for an alphanumeric value that shows/displays the desired invoice number on printouts. What I need to do is, when a user creates a new invoice, have it auto-number populate to the next highest number in 'Invoice Display' BUT also be editable to any alphanumeric value the user may want. This is because half my customers want to use the internal auto-number system to come up with invoice numbers but the other half wants to be able to overwrite that number with their own custom alphanumeric numbering system. For example, if the highest 'Invoice Display' value is 545 then when the user makes a new invoice it needs to show 546 in the new record's 'Invoice Display' field. But then the user may overwrite that and type in something like 546CA. On the next invoice creation I need to be able to 'pull' the 546 out and autonumber-populate the new 'Invoice Display' value with 547 (which the user can overwrite if they want). This way it accommodates both auto-number and user edited scenarios, sometimes within the same customer account. In Access I can use an expression in a query like Invoice Display: (Val(Nz([invoice Display]))) and then do Max +1 to show the next number. Is there a way to do something similar in Caspio, and if so, can someone put the basic steps, as I'm just starting out here? Many thanks in advance!
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