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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to use SOAP SelectDataRaw call to query my table and I want to use "LIKE" in the criteria section but I'm not able to. Criteria would be similar to: Name LIKE 'jame' to get result "James" (where yes, James is in the table). I've tried: Name LIKE 'jame' Name LIKE '*jame*' Name LIKE *jame* How do I query the table to return results where only a portion of the field need be identified???
  2. Hello, I'm new to Caspio and trying to figure out if/how it might do what I need to create a version of my Access app online. Not using VB code or creating regular queries is a bit confusing to me so I was hoping that if I put a specific scenario up in the forum someone might explain if/how to do it here. This would help me extrapolate to other scenarios in Caspio. I have a table for 'Invoices' that uses a field called 'Invoice Display' to show the invoice number. This isn't the unique 'primary key' (InvoiceID) used in relationships and linking. It's just an editable text field for an al
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