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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have a Yes/No field that is used in the Search form on a tabular datapage. I want to use a radio button for this field but I need to remove the 'Any' option (where the result is blank/null and all records show). I need the user to be able to only see 'Yes' and 'No' results separately and not all mixed together with the 'Any'/Null option. The setup wizard doesn't allow for removing 'Any' on a Yes/No field so I'm trying to do this with css. The radio button field is the 3rd in the list so I've been trying versions of: input#value3_12{ display: none!important; } Or input[id="value3_12"]{ display: none!important; } Neither of these works but it's got to be close. Does anyone know how to remove the 3rd 'Any' choice in a Yes/No radio button?
  2. I'm needing to create drop down or radio button section that will allow the user to "rank" their choices. I have 4 locations and want them the to rank their preference to that location by selection 1 - 4. But I only want unique answers to each one. So if they rank one as number 1, then I don't want number 1 to be an option for the remaining 3 choices and so on. I've tried several ways but can't get it to work correctly and wasn't able to find any other posts that described this. Any suggestions on if and how it can be down are greatly appreciated.
  3. Dear Caspio, I have created a datapage entry for an online form where users have to use their Identification Number to login and reconfirm their entry for a conference. Inside, I've created a radio button where I've set an amount with hotel payment for those who agree to join the conference. Now, since the quota for the hotel is filled up, the management decide to change the amount without hotel payment (cheaper) where the participants needs to look for other hotels. The question is, how can I dim the radio button if a user re-login and already agree for the original price and cannot change to the new price for the conference? Those who haven't login will still need to pick the amount that is set. Something like this: 1,300 (without hotel stay) -> Need disable this option 2,300 (with hotel stay) -> User already pick this Hope to hear feedback from you on this matter soon. Thank you. Ronald S
  4. How can I invoke an "onclick" event for a radio button of two choices Yes or No. <script type= "text/javascript"> function ValueChanged() { alert("Function Called"); if(document.getElementById("InsertRecordMetalic_Injury")[1].checked == true;){ document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrior_Surgery")[1].style.background = "yellow"; } document.getElementById("InsertRecordPhone").focus(); } document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrior_Surgery")[1].onclick= ValueChanged; </script>
  5. Hello, I have a Virtual field with Radio button as Form element type in a Submission form. The value of this radio button is set to a URL page I also added HTML block underneath the Virtual field so I can insert an Iframe. What script can I use as to change the iframe's src to the radio button value.
  6. Does anyone know any additional script to allow for more than one radio button selection at a time? I'm displaying products of an inventory and need the user to be able to select only the ones they want to see in the next screen & can't seem to get anything to allow for more than one selection. I understand that the list box can do it, however the items have to be consecutive in order & if you add more items to the list, the list box doesn't auto expand. Radio buttons are preferred in this case as they are a much cleaner looking list of items. Thanks!
  7. How to get the value of the selected radio button?
  8. Hello! I am using a radio button to easily allow selecting from a list. It's awesome except that it looks weird. (see attachment) It seems like the cause for this weird behavior is an even more weird span -> span" (What is that solitary quote symbol doing there?) <span"> <input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Admin"> <label for="...">Admin</label> <input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Call"> <label for="...">Call</label> ... </span"> Any help will, as always, be much appreciated Be great
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