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Found 5 results

  1. I have two kinds of Budget items. table 1: Budget child table 1: Services child table 2: Check Requests When I report on Budget items, I want to see Services and Check Requests on separate rows in the same View, like this: budget# - service# - checkrequest# - amount 22 - 15 - NULL - $50 22 - NULL - 7 - $50 Budget1 Total=$100 Should I combine child tables 1 and 2? Or is there a way to join them to Budgets so that they can appear on separate rows, as in above?
  2. Hello, I am developing a report result based in two tables: the first one is holding the 'clients' with unique IDs, and the other one have the 'products' also with their IDs. Both lists have details, however the clients have special columns which indicates the products they have. For example, the 'client 1' has 3 more columns because he has the product 1, 24 and 33. The clients may have up to 9 products each. The report should be generated by searching for the name of the client, listing his products. The thing is that I don't know how to generate this report, it just shows the 'product id' on the results, which should be replaced for the 'product name' instead. I thinks the best way to do it is a many to many relationship, because the clients can have more than one product each. I've read something about making another table which would link all the information as a many to many relationship, but I am not sure how I can list the results from an "empty" new table. Is there any other way to do it?
  3. Hi all! How can I have multiple values pass as a single parameter in a detailed report datapage? Example: An asset has 3 serial numbers associated with it. I want any one of those serial numbers to pull up the assets profile when entered into a detailed report datapage. I hope this makes sense and I can get someone to shed some light on how to do this. I have looked at the tutorials for relationships, views, and one-to-many but still cannot get it to operate how I want it. Maybe I am just misunderstanding how it works. Thank you! Logan
  4. Hi, I'm making an app and one of its main uses is booking time. Every Booking has Days, and every Day has Times, and every Time has Services. I planned on sending the autoID from each of these tables to the next by passing parameters, so that Services at the end of this chain will have the ID of the Booking, Days, and Times. My question is why should I JOIN these tables if I'm passing parameters? I can always create Views with joins for the purposes of the views. I think I'm missing something basic. Second question, if I should join, which referential integrity checks should I apply? thanks
  5. Hi, I have a details page that I want people to be able to comment on. I've successfully added the comment to the layout, and I've tried to pass parameters. The parameters aren't working. How do I auto-associate a new comment with the topic or page that it's on? The form correctly records the comment and whatever the user enters, but the User ID and Product ID aren't coming through. thanks, M
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