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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Can someone help me to change the color of the sorting icon in Reports to black? In the screenshot you can see that my label is Black, but the icon is white. Thank you
  2. I have a table of docents who are in one of two programs (art or garden). The docent logs in with authentication. After logging in, the docent sees a tabular report of all lessons they have signed up to teach. Is it possible to customize the header with javascript so it contains the graphic (logo) specific to the art or garden program?
  3. Was wondering if there is any way to have the activity from the user logs displayed and filtered in reports?
  4. i have a search page where i am searching using a view and i would like to hide columns that are totally empty
  5. roattw

    Reports Dashboard

    I might be over thinking this, as usual. I would like to create a dashboard page where the user can click a button and run a static commonly requested report, This page would contain 10 or so of the most commonly requested on reports. People would just visit the page, click a report icon, be shown the results, and be done - without having to search, sort, or use other results page functions. Is this a built in option, or is really just a graphic button hyperlinked to a webpage that contains the embedded Caspio report datapage code? Is there a better cooler way? ;^)
  6. My company has a very simple website on Wix Platform and we utilize Pipedrive advanced as well. The reports, called Insights, on Pipedrive are very simple and limited in this plan we afford to pay. So.. I am building another automatic way of getting those reports and making them accessible to our team of sellers. I found out Zapier, which made half of the job done. I integrated Pipedrive with Googlesheets and then .... when I started learning how to integrate Googlesheets with the website (WIX) I discovered Caspio.... which seems to do it all.... I have been watching tutorials videos for the past 2 hours and tried to import my datasheet to start testing the limits of the free plan but its has been quite complicated... I don't have a specific question... If someone could give me a few tips about the task I am trying accomplish would be really helpful. =) Thank you!
  7. Hi, I am attempting to use Virtual Fields to allow a user to specify some input that must appear on each line of a tabular report. The report requires the person who exports it to provide some contact information, and I do not want to hard-code this information. I have set up a Virtual Field as a search field, and set it to "pass as parameter" called [@Virtual1]. In my report body, I would like to display the value of the Virtual Field variable. I have attempted to use a calculated field and just put [@Virtual1] as the value, but I get an "Error in forumla." when I attempt to run the report. Per this post, I also tried [@cbParameterVirtual1] in a calculated field, but that results in the same error. I have tried a few Javascript solutions, but can't seem to find the right reference to the Virtual Field variable. I can't seem to find a clear answer on how to reference virtual fields within the datapage they are created (or if it's even possible). I've posted some screenshots of my setup below, any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. I am trying to produce a report that is 101 with a spreadsheet but can’t figure out how to do it with Caspio. Very simplified so I can explain my difficulty. I have two tables <Income> and <Cost>. Each table contain the following fields:- ID; Project#; and Amount. My desired report something like this Project# ~ Income_Amount ~ Cost_Amount 1 $200 1 $250 1 $150 1 $250 Total Project $450 $400 Profit $50 I tried to use a View to get the <Income> & <Cost> by project , However, I wound up hundreds of records - seemed to combine every <Income> with every<Cost>. And the report was meaningless. Simple task but how?
  9. I have a list report where i can edit records. I would like to be able to edit the records, but when I save them, I don't want to update the previous ones. I would like to save them as a new set of records. In a way I would like to be able to "transform" a report table into a submission form. The reason I am doing it this way is because a submission form has a fix number of fields, and it submits one row at a time. In my case I may already have defined some events, and some of them may have a few records or rows in the report and others may have more. Once I make changes to the rows I would like to submit them at the same time.
  10. Hi tech savvy friends! I am trying to use a javascript code I found online that enables a table to autoscroll. I want to use this to showcase a list of supporters of our organization (using Caspio's Gallery Report), and I need this function because 1) caspio only allows 999 records to be display in the tabular report, and 2) I don't want viewers to have to click through the pages to show the rest of the records. The javascript I found is this: <script> var my_time; $(document).ready(function() { pageScroll(); $("#contain").mouseover(function() { clearTimeout(my_time); }).mouseout(function() { pageScroll(); }); }); function pageScroll() { var objDiv = document.getElementById("contain"); objDiv.scrollTop = objDiv.scrollTop + 1; $('p:nth-of-type(1)').html('scrollTop : '+ objDiv.scrollTop); $('p:nth-of-type(2)').html('scrollHeight : ' + objDiv.scrollHeight); if (objDiv.scrollTop == (objDiv.scrollHeight - 100)) { objDiv.scrollTop = 0; } my_time = setTimeout('pageScroll()', 25); } </script> I am sure the code, as is, is not calling elements in Caspio, if I knew more coding (or had more time to look into it) I would try to mess with it. So, instead I am hoping one of you out there can help me out, please! I found this code here: https://codepen.io/salman31/pen/dYdGLa/ I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Thank you!!!
  11. I have a separate search datapage and report datapage, the search has three listboxes which a user can choose an option from (only the first listbox is required the other two are optional). I have embedded the datapages on the same web page and each time I choose either one or all of the three listbox options the resulting records are repeated three times in the report. Can anyone advise on why this might be happening? I have tried having just one filter on the report datapage but the records are still shown three times.
  12. Urgent help wanted with my DataPage: Reports Details!! I want to select a field from anathor table. te fieldname is: MJOB Inspectiebrief File, its a file. I want to do that with a virtual field, but I cant select an Parent field? Please help. With the Form element I only
  13. I want to display the total number of records in a table without showing the rows of data. For instances, if the record count is 21, I just need 21 but I don't need any other data.
  14. Hi, first time user with no HTML so please go easy on me. We want to allocate various jobs to a user. We currently run a tabular report to select a range of jobs but then have to go into the detail view of each job (record) to select the appropriate user from a dropdown in the allocate duser field, click update and return to results to allocate the next job. It works but but the guy using it says it was a lot simpler in Excel where he could simply click on the dropdown list in the appropriate cell under allocated user column and select a user. Is it possible to update using a dropdown in the tabular report? Or maybe design an update sheet where we could see multiple jobs and just update the allocated user field? Thanks
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