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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am attempting to use Virtual Fields to allow a user to specify some input that must appear on each line of a tabular report. The report requires the person who exports it to provide some contact information, and I do not want to hard-code this information. I have set up a Virtual Field as a search field, and set it to "pass as parameter" called [@Virtual1]. In my report body, I would like to display the value of the Virtual Field variable. I have attempted to use a calculated field and just put [@Virtual1] as the value, but I get an "Error in forumla." when I attempt to run the
  2. I am trying to produce a report that is 101 with a spreadsheet but can’t figure out how to do it with Caspio. Very simplified so I can explain my difficulty. I have two tables <Income> and <Cost>. Each table contain the following fields:- ID; Project#; and Amount. My desired report something like this Project# ~ Income_Amount ~ Cost_Amount 1 $200 1 $250 1 $150 1 $250 Total
  3. i have a search page where i am searching using a view and i would like to hide columns that are totally empty
  4. I have a list report where i can edit records. I would like to be able to edit the records, but when I save them, I don't want to update the previous ones. I would like to save them as a new set of records. In a way I would like to be able to "transform" a report table into a submission form. The reason I am doing it this way is because a submission form has a fix number of fields, and it submits one row at a time. In my case I may already have defined some events, and some of them may have a few records or rows in the report and others may have more. Once I make changes to the rows
  5. Hi tech savvy friends! I am trying to use a javascript code I found online that enables a table to autoscroll. I want to use this to showcase a list of supporters of our organization (using Caspio's Gallery Report), and I need this function because 1) caspio only allows 999 records to be display in the tabular report, and 2) I don't want viewers to have to click through the pages to show the rest of the records. The javascript I found is this: <script> var my_time; $(document).ready(function() { pageScroll(); $("#contain").mouseover(function() { clearTimeout(my_t
  6. roattw

    Reports Dashboard

    I might be over thinking this, as usual. I would like to create a dashboard page where the user can click a button and run a static commonly requested report, This page would contain 10 or so of the most commonly requested on reports. People would just visit the page, click a report icon, be shown the results, and be done - without having to search, sort, or use other results page functions. Is this a built in option, or is really just a graphic button hyperlinked to a webpage that contains the embedded Caspio report datapage code? Is there a better cooler way? ;^)
  7. Was wondering if there is any way to have the activity from the user logs displayed and filtered in reports?
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