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Found 5 results

  1. We need a signature pad on a submission form to be a required field. Can anyone help us figure out how to do this? Thank you
  2. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but...I have a dropdown field that has about 10 values in it and it automatically defaults to the top value. I want the user to have to select something from the list and not just accept the default value. So, I made the field "Required" and inserted a default value of "Please Select". So when the form is displayed, that value shows and there's a red asterisk showing that the field is required, but the user never has to select anything in that field because the app is accepting the default value. How do I make the user have to inspect that field and select a legitimate value?
  3. I've set up a form with a required drop-down question. I've created a lookup table to provide the options within the drop-down. When I choose an option in the drop-down and click the Submit button, the drop-down gets a "Required" in red error message. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Hello, We have embedded a Submission Form into our website and are in the testing phase. Everything appears to be working other than when a form is submitted with errors. For example, if not all required fields are entered, after submitting I am directed to the home page of my website instead of seeing the error message. This was working previously, in the Preview function and on a different website so I'm not sure what has changed. Thank you.
  5. ok I am really hoping someone can help on this one... it seems easy I just can't seem to get it! I have a conditional field (PO) that based on a flag is hidden (RequirePO flag when set to false the PO field is hidden), but what I really want to do is if the flag is false hide the field, if it is true require the field.... It look like the rules in Caspio can either hide it or require but I cant do both (I even tried setting two rules but it looks like if you use a field in a rule it cant be used again)... maybe a javascript solution?
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