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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i am deploying my pages using the URL and I need to clear the parameters, how can i add ?cbResetParam=1 to the page URL
  2. Can we set the time out on a password reset link from password recovery forms?
  3. I am using the standard Password Reset datapage. The Email page requires a fixed 'from' email address to be used for all reset requests. I would like to be able to change this 'from' address according to the type of user requesting it. It looks as if Caspio used to allow this programmatically in earlier releases, but it does not appear possible now. Can anyone tell me if there is there still a way to do this?
  4. Morning, I'm trying to use cbResetParam=1 on the end of my webpage URL to reset internal parameters, and normally this works fine But this time I'm giving the instruction from inside my search form which is in an iframe, and nothing's working. Should I be applying 'cbResetParam=1' to the webpage URL, or to the scr URL (as I've tried to do below)? At the moment I've put the following code in an HTML block of my search form and run it off a button. <script> function myResetFunction() { document.getElementById('https://c2ect538.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=b8a94000367dd...').src += '&cbResetParam=1'; } </script> Many thanks for any help...
  5. I have 1 dropdown followed by 4 cascading dropdowns lined up horizontally on a submission page. When the submit button is selected the results come out fine, but all of the dropdowns are reset. I don't want the dropdowns to reset when the submit button is selected, but would like to have a separate reset button so the user can reset the dropdowns when desired. Also, the submit button is below the dropdowns and I want to put it and the reset button on the same horizonal line and to the right of the dropdowns. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have 2 iframes on one webpage, one is a search submission datapage, the other a results datapage When I press a 'reset' button that I've created, I want the internal parameters in the search page to reset to null, but I also want the results page to update to a "Search couldn't find data" screen (otherwise I still see the results from the previous search). Refreshing the webpage URL adding "cbResetParam=1" has no effect, probably because the datapages are in iframes. So my thinking is that, (first) I should null the search datapage internal parameters, and this I can do with the 3rd line of code below. Then, (2nd) I need to 'submit' the search page, so that the results page updates with the null internal parameters I've just set. Both these code instructions work well independently, But when I combine them, as below, line 3 won't execute. Only line 5 executes. The result is that the whole webpage (incl. iframes) refreshes, but the internal parameters are not nulled. I've tried putting "&cbResetParam=1" on the end of the url on line 5, but there's no effect. Am I wrong to think that 2 actions can run simultaneously under one 'submit' function? Is my code just rubbish (which wouldn't surprise me)? function mygosubmit(){ var thisURL = location.href; location.href = thisURL +"&cbResetParam=1"; // THIS LINE WON'T EXECUTE !! if (window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) { window.parent.postMessage("refresh", "http://my_web_page_url.html"); // THIS LINE DOES EXECUTE !! }} document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit= mygosubmit; Many thanks for any help or hints
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