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Found 8 results

  1. When updating a record using the REST API, I encounter the following error: "Code":"TriggerRuntimeError","Message":"Data change cannot be performed due to triggered action failed. Please contact administrator." The table has a triggered action to send an email anytime a record is updated or inserted. The really strange part is that everything works perfectly fine when using chrome. The error is only thrown in mozilla and only thrown when updating a record. Inserting a record works as expected. I am using php & curl to make the requests.
  2. I have a client that has asked if they can create an .sde connection directly with my caspio database rather than utilizing the API. Below is the detailed request. This is the point in s question - "we'd need an accessible endpoint directly into your database, or at least have port forwarding set up." Is this possible? The SDE file creation needs the following information: database_platform - takes a few different platforms, the most notable being ORACLE, POSTGRESQL, and SQL_SERVER instance - The reachable address and port number we can use to connect from our ArcGIS server to your Database. This is the hard one - we'd need an accessible endpoint directly into your database, or at least have port forwarding set up. Username - the database username we'd use to connect This user would have read-only privileges only on the tables where we have data stored. Password - Password for above database user database - Only needed if running on a POSTGRESQL server, the name of the database
  3. Hi there! I'm trying to create a submission page in which part of includes the option to submit a file. I am able to use the API to submit normal text info (dates/numbers/prices/etc.), but submitting files is some what of an issue. Currently, this is what I have: The code that retrieves the file and calls the API request leFile = $('#customFile')[0].files[0]; var formData = new FormData(); console.log("form data: " + $.type(formData)) var blob = new File([leFile], leFile.name, {type: leFile.type}) formData.append('file', blob); $(this).caspioPostFile(formData,leFile.name,leFile.type); The API request itself: $.fn.caspioPostFile = function(fData,fName){ //Get access token console.log($.type(fData)); $.post( "https://" + cbIntegrationId + ".caspio.com/oauth/token", { grant_type: "client_credentials", client_id: clientId, client_secret: clientSecret }, function(cbAuth){ //Run POST call $.ajax({ url: "https://" + cbIntegrationId + ".caspio.com/rest/v2/files", type: 'POST', data: fData, processData: false, cache: false, headers: { "Authorization": "Bearer " + cbAuth.access_token, "Content-Type": "application/json", "Accept": "application/json", "Content-Disposition": "attachment; filename="+fName }, dataType: 'json', success: function (data) { console.log("Post Success") console.log(data.Result); }, error: function(data) { console.log("Post Failure") console.log(data.responseJSON); } }); } ); }; Now before I get this as a response, yes I have viewed almost every page on Caspio's site for documentation on rest API v2 and v1, but the problem is that none of it has any concrete examples of code for making this request in v2. The swagger site and its documentation also doesn't help my case for the same reason. I have switched the content-type from application/json to multipart/form-data and back, I have attempted adding Access Control headers, but all of it results in a failed request (returning POST 400, POST 415, or an issue with CORS policy). Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or has an example that I could potentially pull from?
  4. Hello Caspio Community! Let me explaining my scenario firstly please. Currently I'm stuck on how to authenticate REST API calls in a secure manner. I have a new app stood up and ready to launch (this app is/well always be locked behind Caspio Login) . However, before I launch this app I was wondering if I could use "document.cookie()" user token to make API calls instead of the bearer token that I have been using for development. If I could use a user token instead of an API key I would feel much more secure. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! I look forward to reading your replies!
  5. I need API to get all the tables of Application API LIke : /rest/v1/applications/application_id/tables
  6. Thank you for reviewing my question, which deals with Cloudinary's image management integration: I have successfully setup a Caspio Web Services profile and verified it with Caspio Bridge Rest API, resulting in Code 200 response body. Please note that I am learning as I go and do not have a background in tech, so I appreciate anything you can offer me. In light of my lack of experience, I feel that I am wasting a good amount of time learning concepts related to API from sources outside of Caspio, something that was reconfirmed after watching Ned Pajic's YouTube video, "How to Generate an API Token", whereby watching that video was the best 5 minutes I have spent doing something in a long time. Thank you, Ned, for reconfirming through your video that all of the answers are contained within Caspio services and, as I have also discovered, within the Caspio Community. I have already purchased Integromat and Zapier and used these services succesfully, but I have decided that I don't want to use these features for the application I am developing because I would like for my clients to be able to use the Cloudinary widget in conjunction with the forms I have developed within Caspio. Submitted forms are given a unique ID within the Caspio table. I would like to be able to associate the photos in Cloudinary to the specific unique ID of the entry within Caspio. In simpler terms: Client uses a Caspio form to make a submission >> client needs to include pictures for the submission >> client can thereby use Cloudinary widget to select their photo >> client submits the form >> submission creates unique ID per the design already implemented >> that unique ID becomes part of the public ID, or perhaps tag, of the Cloudinary image. Cheers and thank you very much!
  7. I have the CASPIO table that has the same structure as my old MySQL DB. I need to convert this mysql query into CASPIO REST api $mquery = "SELECT m.*, DATE_FORMAT(m.created, '%e %b %Y %h:%i %p') AS message_date, u.fname, u.lname FROM cashbackengine_messages m, cashbackengine_users u WHERE u.user_id='$userid' AND m.is_admin='0' AND m.user_id=u.user_id ORDER BY created DESC"; I'm not sure whether CASPIO REST api supports join. If yes, how? Can anybody help me? Thank you. Eiji
  8. Hi, I am trying insert a record which has a auto number. I am trying return auto-number in my response but it returns nothing. can anyone advise on this. table :TBL_TEST{uid autonumber,ID string ,NAME string} function CallWebAPI1() { var params={"ID":"1","NAME":"test"}; request.open("POST", "https://XXXXX.caspio.com/rest/v1/tables/TBL_TEST/rows", true); request.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer "+ accessToken); request.setRequestHeader("Accept", "application/json"); request .setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/json;charset=UTF-8"); request.send(JSON.stringify(params)); request.onreadystatechange = function () { if (request.readyState == 4 && request.status== 201) { var response = request.responseText; //request.responseText returns empty here. } } }
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