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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, 2 things that I would like to get your help with: 1. Search results piece - when I click on the next page, I get directed to it whereas I do not go the the top of the result on the next page, rather stay at the level of the paging block and need to scroll of the way up to see the results at the top. Possible to change? 2. Is there a button to re-set the search form? I found one in the tech tips, whereas it re-sets the form to the previous values, not completely. Possible to do? Appreciate your help, IdeaPage
  2. Hi there, Just wondering if you can help. 1. I want to move the search again button to the right 2. I want to add another button at the bottom of the page. Please see below. here is the url in Caspio https://c1eib201.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=056240008725ff17a2de486c89a1 Can you please tell me how I can do it. Cheers Troy Pathways.pptx
  3. Hi, I want to wrap the title text on the result page. I found it by form page by editing the style but I need it for the result page.
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