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Found 4 results

  1. How can I show an error message if the amount entered in a submission page is less than a certain value?
  2. I have an update page with couple sections. I am using Rules to hide sections based on value I select from a dropdown. When I change the number of the sections to show less the data in hidden sections are not getting deleted. How Can I remove the data for hidden sections?
  3. Hello, I have a form with 10 survey questions. 4 of the questions have "If no, please provide feedback" and then a new input text field appears under the initial radio buttons. I use the Rules to hide the Feedback Inputs until the radio button selection is made to trigger them to show. For example: Would you participate in the event again next year? If No - why not? oYes oNo *If "No" is selected then a new field appears below radio buttons: Provide Feedback: --------------------------------- Text Area Input Box Here -------------------------------- Now, the bug -- When the Feedback Fields are made visible, and I then type something in them, the values of any of those 4 fields (that use the Rule "Hidden" function) don't pass the value(s) into the data table once a submission is made. No data is captured at all (for those hidden input fields only). Am I missing something? Or, is this a known bug? Or, is this new? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx and best Regards, Geoff
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