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Found 4 results

  1. I have some tables that go off of the screen on my website but no scroll bar pops up so there's no way to see the full table. This happens when I embed the table into my wordpress page. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
  2. Hi tech savvy friends! I am trying to use a javascript code I found online that enables a table to autoscroll. I want to use this to showcase a list of supporters of our organization (using Caspio's Gallery Report), and I need this function because 1) caspio only allows 999 records to be display in the tabular report, and 2) I don't want viewers to have to click through the pages to show the rest of the records. The javascript I found is this: <script> var my_time; $(document).ready(function() { pageScroll(); $("#contain").mouseover(function() { clearTimeout(my_time); }).mouseout(function() { pageScroll(); }); }); function pageScroll() { var objDiv = document.getElementById("contain"); objDiv.scrollTop = objDiv.scrollTop + 1; $('p:nth-of-type(1)').html('scrollTop : '+ objDiv.scrollTop); $('p:nth-of-type(2)').html('scrollHeight : ' + objDiv.scrollHeight); if (objDiv.scrollTop == (objDiv.scrollHeight - 100)) { objDiv.scrollTop = 0; } my_time = setTimeout('pageScroll()', 25); } </script> I am sure the code, as is, is not calling elements in Caspio, if I knew more coding (or had more time to look into it) I would try to mess with it. So, instead I am hoping one of you out there can help me out, please! I found this code here: https://codepen.io/salman31/pen/dYdGLa/ I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Thank you!!!
  3. The 'Sticky headers' option in reports seems to work by 'floating' the header bar. I'm working in an iframe, so I've got a space between the top of the frame and the start of the headers row, and in this space is the 'download data' and 'search' option boxes. But when I scroll down, my lines of data end up scrolling above the header bar, filling the space where I want the the 'download data' and 'search' option boxes to remain permanently displayed. Does anyone know a way of stopping the data lines from rising above the header bar when scrolling? Thanks
  4. Hello Caspio Ninjas! I've noticed when the page scrolls down the Hint Popup moves an equal distance down from the element producing the hint. When scrolled down more than a few lines the Hint popup moves all the way off the screen. I just tested it in a "preview" mode, and noticed that it only happens on embedded Data Pages. I removed all of my javascript for testing, and it didn't fix it. I even removed all markup except the script for a DataPage Where would i begin trying to diagnose this problem? What might be affecting the Caspio Hint popup from my page? Thanks
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