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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, Thanks in advance for looking at this. I'm looking for a clean way to refresh the data in a tabular search and report without reloading the whole page. I know that enabling AJAX in the Wizard allows the tabular report to use AJAX to filter and page through results without needing to reload the entire page each time. Reloading the whole page mandates that the user enter in all of the required search values prior to seeing the updated data. I am looking for a way around this. I currently have a system that works where I have added a calculated field as the final column in
  2. Question to anyone who may has encountered this or who is able to suggest a workaround. When a Caspio Table column is a text(64000) column that has data in HTML format is being displayed in a Search and Report as such, it is causing issues. (I selected the Tabular output for Search and Report.) The issues are with tabular display unrelated to this data, on a web page. This HTML data from the Header portion of Configure Results...DataPage Elements section is displaying correctly but causing the tabular display that is part of the search and Report to be broken in the webpage. The tabu
  3. When the Search & Report page first pulls up, the fields are all blank, which is very useful to return all the records in a database table. However, if a non-blank field is chosen for a dropdown box (data is pulled from another Table), you can't go back to the blank field for a "Select All" search criteria. The Caspio Table will not accept blank values as a record. Any help appreciated!
  4. Hello good people I have a search and report datapage. On the details page, I would like to display a webpage in something like an i-frame. The standard i-frame html doesn’t generate the page properly. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the help
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