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Found 6 results

  1. I want to set the default search value for one of my Tabular reports to be today's date + 7 days. When I set the default value today, I usually tell it to receive [@cbTimestamp*] on load but I don't see how I would make it today + 7 days. Any ideas?
  2. I have a search and report for current projects. Some of these projects are on hold and so I want to create a field in the search to display all projects when checked but when not checked just show projects that are not on hold (field should say "Include jobs on hold?" and be unchecked by default). I'm at a loss for how to do this. In my table, the value for "On Hold" is just a checkbox, where checked is true and unchecked is false. I'm open to any ideas for how to do this, even if it requires shuffling things around. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, Thanks in advance for looking at this. I'm looking for a clean way to refresh the data in a tabular search and report without reloading the whole page. I know that enabling AJAX in the Wizard allows the tabular report to use AJAX to filter and page through results without needing to reload the entire page each time. Reloading the whole page mandates that the user enter in all of the required search values prior to seeing the updated data. I am looking for a way around this. I currently have a system that works where I have added a calculated field as the final column in my results table. In that calculated field I have already placed "GetUTCDate()" . I named the calculated field "Last Updated: (click to refresh)". Essentially this shows up as a column and displays the date and time the table data was loaded. Filtering by this column refreshes the data and updates the "Last Updated:..." field as well. For me this solution currently does work, however I would be interested in a cleaner way of accomplishing this. Perhaps a method that does not require the use of its own dedicated column in the table is possible. On a side note, the data that I am most interested in refreshing is another calculated field (SQL). This is relevant because (at minimum) I do not actually need the entire table to refresh if only there is a way to refresh these calculated fields. Thanks again for bearing with me. I'm curious to see if others have had a similar problem or could use this solution that I currently have in place. COdell
  4. Question to anyone who may has encountered this or who is able to suggest a workaround. When a Caspio Table column is a text(64000) column that has data in HTML format is being displayed in a Search and Report as such, it is causing issues. (I selected the Tabular output for Search and Report.) The issues are with tabular display unrelated to this data, on a web page. This HTML data from the Header portion of Configure Results...DataPage Elements section is displaying correctly but causing the tabular display that is part of the search and Report to be broken in the webpage. The tabular display is showing data that contains header and contents completely stripped and unformatted. i.e., only text stripped from the tabular format is being displayed (as in 2nd attachment). In this case I am trying to display a set of values in the results of the Search and Report datapage in a tabular format and the formatting is being affected. If I change the formatting from HTML to String in the header, the table format is fine and gives me the nice table header display with contents. (as in 1st attachment). Of course, this isn't ideal again because now the HTML is displayed in the browser with all the markups and tags as is. Please let me know. Thank you.
  5. When the Search & Report page first pulls up, the fields are all blank, which is very useful to return all the records in a database table. However, if a non-blank field is chosen for a dropdown box (data is pulled from another Table), you can't go back to the blank field for a "Select All" search criteria. The Caspio Table will not accept blank values as a record. Any help appreciated!
  6. Hello good people I have a search and report datapage. On the details page, I would like to display a webpage in something like an i-frame. The standard i-frame html doesn’t generate the page properly. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the help
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