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Found 30 results

  1. I have a table that includes the person's date of birth (DOB). I am able to create a virtual field in my Report DataPage that calculates the age from the DOB and display it. I also need to be able to search on age. How can I do searches such as: 1. Age is equal to x 2. Age is greater than x (minimum age is x) 3. Age is greater than minimum x and less than maximum y Thank you for any help on this. The application has to do with booking models, where age is an important factor.
  2. Vitalikssssss

    Complex Search logic with Date/Time field

    Hi there, Could anyone help me to resolve the issue with the following search logic scenario: a user can search by Date field with "from&to" range with criteria, but if criteria are blank I would like to return records with blank Date field Field datetype: Date&Time Thanks, @Vitalikssssss
  3. Ok so I have a search function that runs as a multi-select. The search options look like this: Project Status: Awarded In Planning In Design Under Construction Project Completed Project Canceled There's a lot more than that but that's the general idea. What I want is to have a checkbox that says "Search Completed/Canceled projects?" and only when that checkbox is marked yes should Completed & Canceled projects be included in the search. If they run the search without that box checked I want all Completed & Canceled project to be omitted from the Search Results. What is the best way to go about this? Virtual Fields? Triggers? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. i have a search page where i am searching using a view and i would like to hide columns that are totally empty
  5. I've added a "Reset Search" button in a search page and wonder if it's possible to have the "Reset Search" button be on the same line as the "Search" button. I'm looking for something like figure A in the attached image. I know how to add an additional "Search" button thanks to this thread and I've come up with this code: <div align="center"> <input class="cbSearchButton" id="searchID1" name="searchID" type="submit" value="Search" /> <input class="resetButton" onclick="window.location='[my_URL]'" type="button" value="Reset Search" /> </div> However, though the above looks like what I'd like, I would then need a way to hide the original "Search" button, which I don't believe would be possible.
  6. Clint

    Multiple Search Buttons

    I have a long search form with a number of optional checkboxes that are necessary when needed, but infrequently used. Is there a way I can place an additional search button at the top of the page so users don't have to scroll to the bottom to perform a search? Thanks!
  7. Hello! We have a search form for a database in which when we search by keyword it shows the results from the previous search made but not the last one. For example: Search #1: United States Results #1: random results Search #2: Ecuador Results #2: United States ... Results #3: Ecuador Has anyone had this issue and was able to fix it? Thanks!
  8. Hi Guys, I hope somebody has an idea for this. I'm stuck creating the report, step 3 below. 1) user Bob insert its color preferences on a search web form: Name color1 color2 color3 color4 Bob red blue yellow black 2) it is compared against a table I created with information from other users that also like colors Name color1 color2 color3 color4 John red white orange brown mary purple magenta green grey Elen white green red blue 3) I need to give Bob the best match with the other users of the database. On the report I search by "red" OR "blue" OR "yellow" OR "black" at the same time Table of best matches for Bob (this would be the report) Name "Hits on search" Elen 2 John 1 I hope to be able to do this with a calculated field on my report ("hits on search", on the example) and sort by it. Somebody suggested to use COUNT, but that counts vertically across users, if I understood correctly: (times "red" showed up under the color1 column, for example) Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks V.
  9. Parma2015

    Search criteria in dropdown

    When using dropdown in a form, I would like to be able to search in a dropdown with the criteria "Contains". Now, if I type "C", the cursom jumps to the first Item in the list that starts with the letter "C". Is it possible to narrow down a search in a dropdown when typing and where only items that contains the text I typed are displayed?
  10. Is there a way to use the 'Allow users to select data using a search form' option on a tabular report but to SKIP opening the search form on 1st load of the report? Meaning, I'd like the user to go straight to the report's results and THEN if they want to search/filter they can click the 'Search' link and go to the search form. I know how to use a separate submission form to do a search/filter but that causes a LOT of extra datapages in the app and I have to pay for those over my limit (my app is huge). Also it's far more intuitive to open the full results set and then do a filter. It's clunky to have to go through a search form first to get to the results. This should be a standard option, IMO, like a check box in the wizard for 'don't open search form upon report opening. That said, I need a workaround. I got some basic concept for it from someone: "You will need to pass parameters to the URL of the resultspage for eg: showform =0 or 1 In the configure search fields you will write a javascript to hide the form is the showform is 0, When they link to see the search form again then you will pass the parameter to say 1 then the search form JS will show the fields in the search form. " I have no idea how to implement this in the report itself. If anyone has any ideas that'd be really great- thanks!
  11. Hello, I have set up a search form with Caspio. Lets assume there are 2 types of users: those who pay and those who use the service for free. Is there any way to limit the daily number of searches which the free user can run (say to 3 or 5 searches per day), while the users who are paying can run as many searches as they want daily, Thanks for your help !
  12. I recently set up a virtual field so that my search bar would search across multiple fields. Now, I want to add some drop down boxes to help eliminate some results. For instance, this database includes scholarship information for students. I want them to be able to type a keyword that will be searched across the entire table. Let's say they type "Astronaut." The Astronaut Scholarship will appear. But let's say this student is not a US Citizen and can't apply as a result. I want to insert a drop down box (which corresponds to a citizenship field I have in the table) that would search Astronaut across the entire table, but remove anything that didn't also meet the citizenship requirements. Is it possible to do this? The online chat support person said I would have to do a virtual field, but because I have a free account, couldn't give me more information (understandably).
  13. Hi, The Search and Report datapage has only one choice now to add a new variable for the results and that one is HTML Block. Any reason I am not seeing calculated field, Virtual field etc. Other datapages seem to be fine. See screenshot below. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  14. Sheik

    Word Report

    I need to create a datapage where my client can type in a report. My would prefer if the section resembles Microsoft word processor and need a search option where any keyword can be picked from the "MS Word" section
  15. I have a report I'm using to search through various fields of my table. I would like to include a search box that can search for a term within/across all of my fields. Is this doable? How? Edit: I've continued to look for this info and I found this article http://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-do-keyword-search-across-multiple-fields/ But, I don't understand the steps. When I go to create a submission form, I don't know what field(s) to include. I can't seem to tie the form and report together, and the search doesn't end up working. I'm not sure it's even what I'm looking for. Thanks!!
  16. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am trying to get results based off employer and location. Here is an example: Table 1 (Company): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Business_Zip Table 2 (Customer): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Customer_Zip When submitting a request form, the customer can request an answer from Employer_1, Employer_2, and/or Employer_3. The request will go to the Company with the matching zip (IE: Business_Zip = Customer_Zip) Here's where I'm stuck. I need to create a workflow that directs the question to the correct Company, based off matching Employer and zip. It would look like this: Customer completes the submit form, and request the information to come from Employer_1 and Employer_2. When Employer_1 w/ matching zip logs on, it will show the request, same for Employer_2 w/ matching zip, however Employer_3 + Employer_1 without matching zip + Employer_2 without matcing zip, will not show any data. I apologize for the extreme detail. I've been through the forums, online videos, and help questions for over a week now. I probably need to step away, but this is one of the last steps before I can launch. Thank you again!
  17. BhangLaDesh

    Searching across Multiple Data Pages

    I have a need to search through 311 data pages for text. Is there a way to enter a search argument, say - "howdydoody.php" once, and have Caspio return a list of all data pages which contain the phrase "howdydoody.php" ? Thanks Bhang
  18. Gregs101Pros

    Not A Search

    I simply want to place a box next to a listed service trade, on my home page, where a site visitor will enter his zip code and be directed to all the say, Plumbers in a particular zip code that we have a page in our site for . I do NOT want a search box, I have that now and it is a 2 step process. I'm looking for one simple process. Is this what Caspio can do ? Are there any video tutorials or instruction for this ? Advice plzz. THANKS ALL !
  19. Hello everyone! I try to filter records by "previous month", but I cannot find the filter. There are the "Current Month", "Before Now", "Previous X Days" filters. I tried them all one by one and I tried combining of these filters, but the problem is "Previous X Days" is variable. I mean, today the previous month is: IS Previous 34 days AND NOT Current Month But tomorrow it should be 35 days... Any ideas are very much appreciated! Thank you for your time!
  20. Hi, I want to add some contents under certain column in result page based on condition. Is it possible to add new customized column or edit exiting column in result page through java script. Also unable to create new customized field in view. So, I am stuck. Can anyone help Thank you Ashfak
  21. I have created a page submission form with Estimated Value & Estimated Value 2 which displays like this on the details page: Estimated Value: $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. However to get both numbers to display in the table without being next to each other and making the table huge I have created an HTML block like this: [@Estimated Value] [@EstimatedValue2] The problem with that is then I can no longer sort the results table by estimated value. Is there any way to have the numbers display as $10K and $20K or something similar so the table doesn't end up so long? In addition I need to be able to search the table by Estimated Value so people still need to be able to search by $10,000.00. I currently have the search set to just search [@EstimatedValue] using the criteria options. Thanks for your help!
  22. I have a search form and a results page in the same webpage. The search form only has one field, which is a dynamic dropdown list. When I select a value from the dropdown list and click search the search is performed correctly and the results page changes accordingly. What I'd like to do is get rid of the search button, add a dropdown arrow on the righthand side of the search dropdown field and when I make a selection the seach to be carried out automatically. Any ideas how I might achive this would be greatly appriciated. Cheers Monoux
  23. How can I enable multi select for multiple lust box on search form I created using submission page?
  24. Farnsbarnes

    Report Or Submission Form For Searching?

    This could be a totally dumb question, but I'll risk it! My interest is to search my table and show a report. I don't wish to submit data to the table. I've been using submission forms for my search fields. The reason for this is because I wanted to keep my results page on the same web page as the search fields. Submission forms allow me to stay on 'same page', while report datapages force you to show results on a new datapage. Ideally I would have preferred to use a report datapage for the search fields, mainly because there are no silly problems in trying to get multi-select cascade listboxes to update in real time from a multi-select parent listbox (a problem faced by many on this forum and not yet properly solved). So is it possible to use a report datapage with a little bit of JS code, that effectively prevents its results page from being generated (as possible with a submission form)? Obviously I'd then pass my parameters to a separate results datapage, just as I do now. Thanks
  25. JEllington

    Show/hide Results Page

    Hello, I have a Search and Results web page (simular to what is described here.. http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/parameters/add-a-search-interface-to-results-sets-page ). The web page has a search submission form and two different results data pages (report1 and report2), both results pages receive parameters from the submission form and display tabular reports on the web page as expected. So far so good. The first virtual field in the submission form is a dropdown that offers the selections "report1 and report2, passing that parameter as [@report] on exit. How can I display/hide the results pages depending on the [@report] parameter received. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.